Past Life Regression

Past life regression connects you to an aspect of yourself that feels more conscious and awake than your normal level of consciousness. You’ll  see a ‘life’ that benefits you the most to see, and you’ll then gain insight and clarity into any issue as you tune into a part of yourself that is free of worries or stress. Click here to learn more

Life Between Lives

A regression hypnotherapy method as taught by Michael Newton where you gain a sense of your life’s purpose. You begin to resonate to the soul aspect of self that animates the body, yet also exists beyond time and space and transcends earth lives. Click here to learn more

Emotional Healing & Awakening Session

I use an effective 8-step process in which you locate in the body where you are holding onto a past negative experience. We do healing work with it before releasing it and getting back the part of you that was lost when you took in the hurtful experience. Click here to learn more

Relief from Depression and Unwanted Emotions

Depression or any unwanted emotion can be put under the microscope of hypnosis to fully disect the feeling as well as the subtle subconscious thoughts and beliefs that underlie that feeling. Insight into and release of the outdated mind patterns that create depression occur after 1 -3 sessions. Click here to learn more

Anxiety, PTSD, Phobias, Depression

Immediate relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or phobias usually occurs in one session as we target the issue using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), an acupressure technique that has an extremely high success rate. With other forms of anxiety, we discover and release the past emotional roots of it with noticeable results in the first session. Click here to learn more