I grew up in the small town of Whitewater, Wisconsin, the youngest son of a Methodist minister. I graduated from St. Olaf College in 1988 with degrees in Psychology and Social Studies Education. Click here to learn more

My Approach

When clients come to me, I know that beneath their problem or issue, there is wholeness, completeness and peace without any fears. I know this because they experience and articulate this in each session. Click here to learn more

Spiritual Hypnosis

‘Hypnosis’ is perhaps one the most misunderstood words that exist. It is actually the opposite of what most people think, which is often derived from stage hypnotists and movies. Click here to learn more

Relief from Depression and Unwanted Emotions

Depression or any unwanted emotion can be put under the microscope of hypnosis to fully dissect the feeling as well as the subtle subconscious thoughts and beliefs that underlie that feeling. Insight into and release of the outdated mind patterns that create depression occur after 1 -3 sessions. Click here to learn more

Anxiety, PTSD, Phobias, Depression

Immediate relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or phobias usually occurs in one session as we target the issue using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), an acupressure technique that has an extremely high success rate. With other forms of anxiety, we discover and release the past emotional roots of it with noticeable results in the first session. Click here to learn more


“I’d read about past- and inter-life sessions for some time. I was thrilled to find Eric Christopher in St. Paul who could help guide me through this fabulous adventure! As a means of self discovery and introspection, few things I’ve done have been as revealing and helpful. Click here to read more


There is much information regarding the increasing consciousness level of the planet which in turn causes any personal emotional issue, any political injustice, any action done with greed or abuse to become exposed, to surface for the purpose of being noticed, seen and then transformed. Click here to read more

Map & Directions

My office is in my home which is located two minutes from I-94 and Snelling Ave in St. Paul.Click here to learn more

Session Preparation

Based on the type of session you’ve scheduled, please follow the guidelines below to prepare for your session. This will enable you to get the most out of your session.Click here to learn more

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