Saints and sages throughout the ages have told us that we are more than our bodies. We are also far more than our thoughts about ourselves. Who we truly are surpasses and transcends any limitation we could ever conceive of placing on ourselves. Many people who have had out-of-body or near death experiences have had direct evidence of this concept. Then where do our problems and complexes come in? Actually, they came in long ago. Regression therapy is based on the premise that beneath problems lie self-limiting or even self-destructive thoughts. We are aware of some of these thoughts, while others remain at the subconscious level. All of our self-limiting thoughts began somewhere in this life or another, sometimes from harmful past events and sometimes from seemingly benign, mundane events. Past events no longer exist, but we keep them alive by continuing to carry the dense, heavy energy of these events within us in the form of thoughts and feelings, specifically in the form of fears or limiting messages about ourselves and/or the world. These types of thoughts especially underlie depression, anxiety and fear. However, when closely examined, they turn out to be a gross misperception. Most of the self-defeating messages that we took in have nothing to do with us, but were given to us by people who were responding from their own hurt and feelings of incompleteness. Emotional hurt is passed down through the generations and is kept alive until we release it and/or stop the cycle.

Regression therapy, when properly done, taps into the very wise and adept part of ourselves beneath the conscious level. It is always astounding the first time we experience our higher mind in action as it brings us precisely to when and where the root of our troubles began. The regression process then neutralizes the originating cause of any self-limiting hurt or belief by doing two things: (1) Giving us the insight that any hurt we received had very little, if nothing to do with us but rather had to do with the abuser’s own fears and feelings of lack of power, strength and control, due to their own previously programmed subconscious mind and the pain they were carrying; (2) Replacing the feelings of lack or hurt with opposite feelings such as confidence and strength, thus allowing the client to reprogram his or her own subconscious mind with a thoroughly empowering experience and thoughts of complete wholeness. Positive changes occur as one releases dense, fear-based thought form energy and replaces it with the lighter vibration energy of empowering attributes already latent within the individual. This process paves the way for forgiveness of self and others, which is a key ingredient for self-healing.

We are beings of energy, and thoughts and feelings are forms of energy that can serve to either strengthen us, or weaken and block us. Thus, through regression therapy, energy can be unblocked and released permanently if we don’t consciously revert back to the same habitual self-defeating thought patterns. The process can be life transforming as we begin to let go of our fears and self-imposed limits and focus on our strengths and passions. Science has now proven that as we change our thoughts, our bio-chemistry changes. Before that, the Buddha exclaimed, “We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” Regression therapy is a tool that can help us become aware of and change the thoughts that create our self and world view, as well as pointing to when and where they began. From my experience as both a client and therapist, it can be a rapid and powerful means to reclaim our true selves, realize our true potential and begin to create what we choose for ourselves in our life.

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