Life Between Lives Transcription

Deep Healing – A Perception Shift Away

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Emily came to me at age 65 in need of healing as well as answers as to why she would incarnate into her abusive current life family. She was a therapist herself who had experienced a lot of healing modalities in her life ever since intense memories of trauma surfaced in her early 30’s. She felt bitter, angry and in a dark, stuck place from growing up in a home saturated in physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She had an abortion at age 12 after being molested. Her words were, “I feel a deep sense of hopelessness. My life was taken from me. How do I get it back? I’ve never felt supported ever. I feel I’ve pushed myself through my lifetime, and I have no push left. Why is it like this?”

She set the intention to see a life that could most help her heal before going into the life beyond. She saw her past life as a young girl named Elizabeth who was raised in a very loving family. She felt confident and excited about being in the world. She loved school and eventually became a teacher before marrying a loving and supportive man and having two children. They ultimately moved in with her own parents who were there to help raise her children while Elizabeth and her husband took over the family farm.  After her death she was struck with how bonded her family was…”such connectedness – communication was always there!”

As she drifted deeper into the spirit world, she was surrounded by loving beings and then soon after, a sense of oneness.

T: (therapist) What are you noticing or experiencing in this moment?

C: (client) I’m surrounded by different energies, and I am being filled up….now I’m diffusing into formlessness. There’s a symphony of beautiful colors and sounds, and I’m all of it…not even separate…pure beingness…being with that which everything arises! I see sacred geometry and feel the different energies of these shapes, and I am the space within which it all happens – a universe unto myself. I am Home!

Eventually Emily was in deep communion with her main guide. I asked what could be known about her decision to incarnate into her current family. Her guide responded to her, and then Emily shared her insights.

Guide: “In order to achieve what you did and will do, you had to experience the worst of humanity. Otherwise you would have settled for bread crumbs.”

C: Emily had to lose herself in order to gain herself back again. She would have settled for so much less. Someone in the lineage had to make a bold move. I committed I wouldn’t pass on the abuse. I had to swim in the toxicity until I figured a way out. I chose it – someone had to – in order to heal the generational line. With awareness I can now be a conduit to send the healing energy up and down the line.

T: What will it look like and feel like to live your life from this new level of consciousness?

C: Wholeness. I can now bring the energies of Home back to my current life. I won’t feel empty anymore. I will be filled with something that sustains me and enlivens others. There is more than enough substance of my True Self to fill me and everyone else in my life so it will no longer feel like I never really existed.

Two days after the session, Emily shared in an email how healing and shifting it was to feel the effects of growing up in a loving and supportive family…quite the opposite of what she lived through in her current life: “A door has been opened that was never available to me. I tapped into what it felt like to experience the effects of being raised in a family where mom and dad radiated love and acceptance to each other and their children, where my thoughts and feelings were hopeful and anticipatory of good because of the prevailing trust between me and my parents, where the looks in the eyes of my family beamed ‘I am here for you – I am hearing you – I am listening’ and the sense of being a whole person onto myself who got to have her own ideas and beliefs, and experiment with what was possible. It was as familiar as having blood flow through my body. A life experience of that is now available to me.”

Ten days after the session, I received an email from Emily. She wrote, “My life has been altered in a miraculous manner – there’s no other way for me so say it. I was guided to a miraculous outcome. I thought there was no way out. I’ve been liberated and have come to know how to love, forgive and accept myself.”

Four months after the session, Emily again wrote to me: “I replayed the recording of the LBL session again and felt the energies of ‘Home’ flood through me again.”

We are multi-dimensional beings, and so deep healing can be a perception shift away. Sometimes all it takes is to awaken out of the hypnotic experience of identifying solely with the body/mind personality by going on an inner journey into the higher dimensions of the spirit realm and of our own “more permanent” being. Emily described her Life Between Lives experience as one of the greatest gifts she could ever experience.

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