Other-ServicesSpirit Releasement Therapy: Occasionally, people feel as though they are negatively impacted by another entity that does not belong to them. Some schools of therapy consider attachments to be common. Whether you want to consider this modality of treatment as releasing thought-form energy influence from another person, or releasing a soul entity from your energy field does not matter. The process only takes one session with noticeable results. Also, if someone is hearing unwanted voices known as auditory hallucinations, there usually can be a resolution of this symptom in a matter of minutes, provided that the person wants the voices to go away.

Quieting unwanted voices or auditory hallucinations: The process does not take long and can be done over the telephone if the person wants the voice to go away.

Past Life Regression Workshop: I will do a 3-hour past life regression experiential workshop for groups of friends or associates. The cost per person is less if more people are there, with a minimum price of $300 total for the group. The workshop explores in a fun way the ample evidence that suggests we are a package deal as both human and eternal, indestructible soul. We discuss teachings, interesting research and fascinating case studies regarding reincarnation and our purposes here as souls. We also examine some astounding research and case studies of past life therapy involving physical and emotional issues. Finally, we’ll do a 45-minute, group-guided past life regression and then process experiences.

Nutritional Counseling: I would be remiss if I didn’t share my wife’s work of holistic nutrition therapy with you. She has taught me the value of fueling myself with high-quality, nutrient-dense foods that taste delicious. Becoming more aware of your relationship with food is a doorway into greater consciousness. Maggie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but more than that, she’s genuine, wise and highly skilled at helping people reduce or eliminate symptoms such as intense sugar cravings, digestive discomfort, poor sleep, excess weight, low energy and so much more. Visit www.maggiechristopher.com to learn more or schedule a complimentary, 60-minute Nutrition Consultation.

Gift Certificates: Consider giving a gift to someone unlike anything they’ve ever experienced – a trip inside themselves to a higher state of consciousness. In a recent survey, people described past life regression as: “adventurous, spiritually moving, profound, a learning experience, extremely insightful, wisdom provoking, healing, therapeutic, deeply beneficial, a growing and evolving experience, awakening and deeply relaxing.” A past life regression session costs $320, lasts between 2-3 hours, and commonly changes lives.


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