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Eric was an amazing guide to my inner self. This process was exciting and the experience was far more than I expected and enormously interesting. The questions that I wanted to have answered were specific and came to me easily. I got more than I expected from one session and Eric is a master in guided journeys.

- D.B.

As both a graduate student in Psychology and someone on a spiritual journey, I came to Eric to lead me in a past life therapy session. Eric is calming, experienced, engaging, and informative, and provided a wonderful experience. The session was enlightening and therapeutic, and allowed me greater insight into myself and life.

- F.F.

Although I had an interest in past life regression therapy I was hesitant to try it myself. I already had firm beliefs about life, death, and afterlife and I was afraid of how a regression experience might alter those views. Eric was very reassuring in his advice that the source of the images and experiences is unknown and they may possibly be influenced by books, movies... Taking this advice I was able to let go of any fear of the process I had and allow myself to enjoy the experience and take away from it what was important or meaningful.

- J.B.

I went to my first session with Eric Christopher as a skeptic... I was afraid it wouldn’t work on me because I love to be ‘in control’. Even though I was nervous, Eric put me at ease. The whole process was simple and straightforward. I was in control the whole time, and could ‘snap out of it’ at any time if I had wanted, putting me further at ease. By the end of the session, I had experienced two past lives, saw my current family in them, and sobbed at my ‘deaths’ and ‘reuniting’... I currently feel calmer and happier... You have to try it to believe it.

- K. B.

…I was meeting brick walls, often commenting that there is no joy in my life; this occurring in spite of having a wonderful wife and 2 daughters, having a well paying job… I cannot explain this, nor can I understand it, but at the age of 55, I’m finally landing on being “at peace”… My wife is seeing some positive changes in my attitude, behavior, perspective as well… I never imagined that I’d be re-focused as much as is occurring.   I’m beginning to see a new set of universal truths that sets perspective in a way that I’ve been seeking for a very long time. 

- K.B.


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