My Approach

When clients come to me, I know that beneath their problem or issue, there is wholeness, completeness and peace without any fears. I know this because they experience and articulate this in each session. This is who we all are underneath the conscious or subconscious mind chatter that forms our unsettled feelings. An accurate view of reality, expressed by any saint, sage or person of wisdom forms the underlying premise of my practice, and is reflected in quotes such as: “The human experience is like being a wave that forgot it belonged to the ocean.” “We are a drop of God in an ocean of God.” “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it” (John 1:5). Therefore, it’s merely a matter of seeing through the limiting thoughts and beliefs that obscure one’s true nature. My specialty is guiding clients to this inner dimension of themselves to access their own inner wisdom that can offer resolution to whatever mental or emotional problem that they are wrestling with, whether it is anxiety, phobias, depression, or any limiting belief or “stuck” feeling/emotion.

Over the years, my passion has been to learn many different therapeutic techniques designed for clients to directly experience this wise and free aspect of themselves by one of two ways: (1) squarely looking at, or “dissecting” a problematic issue to its mental and emotional core, revealing that their own true essence is separate from and transcends that which creates their mental and emotional stress; or (2) an ‘inner journey’ such as past life regression or life-between-lives therapy. The method used depends on what the client is looking for. Either method will reflect the words of Albert Einstein: “Problems cannot be solved in the same state of consciousness that created them.” So we go to a higher level of consciousness where they can be resolved. We can do this because we are multi-dimensional beings. If you aren’t sure that, it may your time to begin the journey of awakening out of the human hypnotic experience to deeply know that you are far more than your body, and the fears and limiting beliefs that result from life experiences.

Along with our body/mind vehicle, is fused an eternal, indestructible “more real” soul aspect of ourselves. This is the life energy that is animating your body as you read this, and it is overlooked by nearly every human in every moment. Science has not yet developed the tools to measure our soul or higher dimensions, but evidence of an indestructible, transcendent part of us can be seen in the growing multitude of near death and/or out-of-body experiences, evidence-based mediums, and accurate, verifiable recall of past lives through past life regression and the increasing number of children who remember other lives, some of whom can be viewed on Beneath the mental conditioning that creates our problems, is a very wise and peaceful part of ourselves that lacks nothing. This hidden harmony is everyone’s true nature, perhaps what we were born with before the circumstances that created our mental and emotional issues took hold. We can consistently access this state through a simple, systematic journey inward. Perhaps this is what is meant by Jesus’ words: “The kingdom of God is within you.” Most of the therapy is done in this state, where it seems we are looking at the issues in our lives through the soul’s eyes of wisdom.

Thus, together we simply identify and release the mental/emotional energy of the conditioned past that covers up the harmony that is our true nature. This tranquility is actually always with you, even throughout stressful circumstances. We simply don’t notice it. The Buddha once said that suffering is caused by wrong identification. With this in mind, when we experience another aspect of ourselves that transcends the disharmony of the body/mind, our problems often fall away and our approach to life’s challenges changes. Similar to those 3D picture images that only emerge when we relax and adjust our eyes accordingly, our “problems” can vanish when we view them through the eyes of a higher aspect of ourselves. In this way, it can be these very problems that point the way to a larger freedom. We then see that problematic issues and heavy, stuck feelings emerge not to be avoided and “fought against”, but rather they arise as signals that something wants our attention — something unresolved and out of balance within our mental/emotional/spiritual selves. These triggered emotional issues are arising precisely because they are ripe and ready to be released from your body/mind system so you can live from a truer, freer version of yourself. True healing occurs when we discover and release the root of an issue.

Often our dreams at night are filled with incredible symbols and metaphors that accurately reflect our deepest fears or desires, even those we may not even be fully aware of. Where do these images come from, without our trying? They come from an unconscious part of ourselves that is helping us out, trying to work through issues or shed light on them. In session, we can tap into this same stream of wise information to find and release the root of issues, or to look at our life situations through a higher, wiser lens. Ultimately, this is the therapy I do: 1) help you release the mental/emotional patterns that hold you back or keep you stuck; 2) help you identify and “re-program” the thoughts and subtle beliefs that underlie the feelings and problems which cause unhappiness; and 3) help you align with the wise and eternal aspect of yourself that can help you discover what would bring you joy in this life. In doing so, I am merely a facilitator of your own higher guidance system. You discover that the same mind that has created and held onto your problem can also heal it and free yourself.