Spiritual Psychotherapy

Spiritual Psychotherapy is a one-hour talk-level therapy session with a spiritual perspective to help you grow, evolve and awaken. It may also be used to help process and integrate the insights, healing and wisdom gained from your Higher Soul Self in a Past Life Regression, Emotional Healing session or a Life Between Lives session.

What often gets lost in this human experience is the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings. There is plenty of evidence to support this. We often need reminders to view our lives, our problems and inevitable issues that arise from a higher perspective…the soul part of you that is mainly interested in growing, learning and evolving through having challenging earth experiences. A difficult life situation, when viewed from a higher vantage point, can often lead to clarity and a sense of freedom.

If you’ve already experienced a Past Life Regression, a Life Between Lives or a Present Life Emotional Healing session, remember how you felt the feeling of peace, freedom and clarity from the soul dimension of yourself towards the end of it? As you become anchored deep within yourself toward the end of the session, you are present-moment focused, and thus operating not from the conditioned mind, but from the intuitive/soul self – a love-based dimension of your being that experiences freedom from fears. However, once back in our everyday lives in this physical world, it might feel challenging to apply and integrate the healing and insights gained from your Higher Self if the old programming of your mind is deeply entrenched. Spiritual Psychotherapy can be used whether or not you’ve had a prior session. If you have, it can provide support within a safe environment to discuss your previous session(s) and how to best release the old mental and emotional patterns that have kept you from living from the wisdom of your soul.