Life Between Lives

You are far more than your body. You’re also an eternal, indestructible soul fused to your body – a package deal. Ample evidence of this truth exists. Life Between Lives Therapy began with Dr. Michael Newton’s research in regressing 3,500 people to their existence between lives. He documented the amazing consistencies that they reported in his book Journey of Souls. He also noticed that as a by-product, the sessions turned out to be enormously beneficial in many ways for his clients. Sessions yield a sense of clarity and wisdom that result from basking in the ‘clearer seeing’ of what Newton terms a super-conscious state of mind. Clients gain a sense of a ‘larger’ identity as they begin to resonate more with the part of them that animates their bodies, the eternal and indestructible soul. It brings to mind the Buddha’s quote: “All suffering is due to wrong identification.” When we view ourselves through the perspective of our eternal soul, many of our problems tend to either fall away or naturally resolve because we are operating from a higher level of consciousness during an LBL session. Albert Einstein’s wisdom also noticeably applies when he said: “You must solve a problem at a higher level of consciousness than what created the problem.”

Michael Newton

I met and studied with Michael Newton in 2004 during an intensive training for Life Between Lives Regression Therapy in Studio City, CA. He was gracious, humble and allowed plenty of opportunities to interact with him individually. What his approach gives humanity is a means to take an inner journey to experience a deep, profound core dimension of peace and wisdom that people never knew they possessed. If you haven’t already read Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls or Memories of the Afterlife, I would highly recommend them.

Here is a fascinating, detailed transcription of a Life-Between-Lives session, combined with some post-session observations and comments.

Life Between Lives Guidance

For those interested in a Life Between Lives session, here are some guidelines:

If you have not done a past life regression before, it is important to do one before doing an LBL session so you get comfortable with the process and gain a sense of how the information comes to you. Wait at least a month after the past life regression session, because it takes that long for you to fully digest it, as insights often continue to drop into your mind weeks after the session. LBL sessions last approximately 4 hours, and clients should come with a list of questions that they would like to have answered regarding anything ranging from their life purpose(s), to past life information, to the best way to relate with loved ones, to the most beneficial foods for their body…anything. Also, bring a ‘cast of characters’, or list of about a dozen significant people that have been in your life. Lastly, drink as little of caffeine as possible before the session, as caffeine tends to limit the trance depth one can get into.