“It has been awhile since our session and I want to let you know how very valuable our session was and that it was a life changing experience for me. I was deathly afraid of bridges, heights from any vantage point, and because of the past life regression with you, I was able to leave that fear behind me. You also guided me to realize the choices I have made in this life were due to events that occurred in my previous life. You helped me discover that the most important thing, the main goal in this life for me, was to have children, to have a family after many past lives of being abandoned, childless, from those that I loved. I am happy that I have learned why it was so important to me. As a young teen in high school, I couldn’t stand children, I never thought I would have a family. My soul had other ideas that I blocked from my consciousness. So after the session, I emerged as a different, more aware self than when I walked through your door. My fiancé noticed a change in me right after the session…. freer, clear-minded, and that is because you helped me work through some of my past life issues, so that I can focus on the “truer” self that I am today. Thank you so very much!”

“You know that deep love I described feeling for someone else? I am now feeling it for the beautiful essence who lives in me. My heart feels full, complete, and perfect just the way it is. This morning I felt a deep comfort with the person I truly am and was able to begin experiencing what it is like to BE THAT person inside of this body.  And, I love it.  The answer isn’t “out there” as to where I need to move or what I need to do.  It is being at home in me where ever the path leads.  My fear was that in the regression I would run into a real YUK of a person from another life.  That was only my shame and guilt that is so made up.  The real person in all of us is so beyond the denseness we humans can so easily sink into.

When I return for another session, it is not so much about going thru past lives as it will be staying in touch with the beautiful love energy I feel for ME. That kind of love will only radiate more of the same in others. Right now I am so enjoying for the first time having a sense of who I am and it is with deep gratitude for your skillful way of bringing me home to myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

“I feel a reinstated sense of power over my own life, but mostly I know what it is that I can bring to the table in all of my relationships, near and far. I have regained confidence simply by remembering my specific purpose in life. I understand my soul’s gifts. How to use them; and that is precious.”
“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a very positive therapy experience. The session was transformative in a number of ways. Most importantly, I feel it has helped to heal much of my anxiety issue. Thank you for a profound experience. Not just in releasing the anxiety to its rightful owners, but also in allowing me to relax enough to join up with my higher self and “see” so many truths about our soul existence. It was beautiful to see from that higher self perspective.”
— S.A.

“I’d read about past- and inter-life sessions for some time. I was thrilled to find Eric Christopher in St. Paul who could help guide me through this fabulous adventure! As a means of self discovery and introspection, few things I’ve done have been as revealing and helpful. If you are interested in understanding yourself, why you are the way you are, and the interesting dance of relationships you are in, a past- or inter-life session is well worth the effort. I’ve referred many people to Eric. His gentle demeanor and perspective as a psychologist was really helpful in processing the information. If you are at all intrigued, go for it!”
— A.T.

“I would like to start off by telling you that my session with you was life changing for me. There is not a day that I don’t think back on what I learned about myself, and try to actively apply that knowledge. I was definitely “stuck” in a depression, and one way of thinking about myself, along with how I assumed others saw me. I am afraid that I would be in the same exact position, had I not been lead to you and had our session.

I noticed the changes immediately, as in, on the drive home from your office! I was on a high for a few days, just playing over what I had experienced. Over the next few weeks, as regular life took hold again, I began to question if what I experienced/felt was really “real”, was that really a past life I experienced, or just another “part” of my thought process? The more I thought on that, the more I realized, it really doesn’t matter! What I felt was real, the lessons I learned were real, the compassion I feel for myself and others is real, and most important of all, I LIKE MYSELF! I cannot say I have ever in my life been able to say that. The things that used to embarrass me (being divorced, a single mom, not being a college graduate) do not embarrass me any longer, as I know what my real self is now. THANK YOU for giving me this gift.

The last few weeks, I have been experiencing exactly what you said I might, kind of “downloads” of knowledge. I get these messages during quiet time (which I now make for myself each day, another new change!). These messages are always received with such a feeling of love and peace. How can you question that?

Anyways, I am rambling – but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for what you have done for myself and my loved ones. I am no longer afraid to live, to put myself out there, and to connect with people. I simply cannot thank you enough.”
— K.K.

“There are many things in life we can’t explain or understand. Many of us often wonder why we feel a certain way, and why we have to go through situations we believe aren’t fair to us.

When I decided to do a session with Eric Christopher, those were the main questions I had in my mind. I was so confused about my feelings. Why do I always feel so lonely even though I’m surrounded by people? Why do I find it so hard to trust men? Why am I here? All that took to help me was that one session full of insights on some of my past lives. I can’t say I don’t have any more questions to be answered, but I can definitely say now I finally understand these feelings that I couldn’t explain before, or from where they were coming. The answers were buried deep in me, deep in my soul. Once I knew the patterns I was following for so long, it was easier to break them and try to be the best person I can be. The better version of myself.

I still struggle, but now I have the key to help me with that, to go through this ride in a slower motion, where I can look back on past mistakes and flaws, analyzing what I can do differently this time. I’m so thankful I could experience this wonderful gift, and I’m so thankful I decided to do this early in my life. I’m especially thankful for Eric’s kindness and understanding.”
— C.S.

“Eric was an amazing guide to my inner self. This process was exciting and the experience was far more than I expected and enormously interesting. The questions that I wanted to have answered were specific and came to me easily. I got more than I expected from one session and Eric is a master in guided journeys.”
— D.B.

“As both a graduate student in Psychology and someone on a spiritual journey, I came to Eric to lead me in a past life therapy session. Eric is calming, experienced, engaging, and informative, and provided a wonderful experience. The session was enlightening and therapeutic, and allowed me greater insight into myself and life.”

“Just a quick note here to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed our sessions – and how much I’ve learned from you!!! I feel SO MUCH BETTER and greatly energized in terms of proceeding with my mission in this lifetime. You are VERY GOOD at what you do, and obviously proceeding with YOUR mission in this lifetime.”

“Although I had an interest in past life regression therapy I was hesitant to try it myself. I already had firm beliefs about life, death, and afterlife and I was afraid of how a regression experience might alter those views. Eric was very reassuring in his advice that the source of the images and experiences is unknown and they may possibly be influenced by books, movies, etc. that a person may have seen in their current life. Taking this advice I was able to let go of any fear of the process I had and allow myself to enjoy the experience and take away from it what was important or meaningful. Although it has been months since my regression I still call to mind several images from the session that are very reassuring to me and use those remind myself of the path that I want to follow.”

“I contacted Eric after much thought and reading about past life regression therapy. I knew it was time for my own experience yet had some reservations. Eric offered an authentic, informative and compassionate space that provided a profound and safe journey into my soul. Along with his passion for this modality of treatment, Eric also holds a rich understanding of systems and how they effect our past, present and future. Through his expertise and my experience I gained clarity and resolution of purpose, for which I am deeply grateful.”

“As it turns out, the information I got in our session was exactly what I needed to get, and I’ve been working with it very well. You are right to know that it is very difficult and painful material. Of course, that’s all the more reason to work with it.

Thank you so much for your kindness and assistance. I really appreciate the work you do.”

“I went to my first session with Eric Christopher as a skeptic. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, to tell you the truth, or even what I wanted out of the session besides a certain curiosity. I was afraid it wouldn’t work on me because I love to be ‘in control’.

Even though I was nervous, Eric put me at ease. The whole process was simple and straightforward. I was in control the whole time, and could ‘snap out of it’ at any time if I had wanted, putting me further at ease.

By the end of the session, I had experienced two past lives, saw my current family in them, and sobbed at my ‘deaths’ and ‘reuniting’. We also worked on a few early life issues in the session, and unbelievingly, I currently feel calmer and happier – after one session. You have to try it to believe it.”

“I was feeling stuck and anxious regarding several issues in my life. I intellectually ‘knew’ where I needed to get to but didn’t know how to bridge the gap and change my anxious, fearful thoughts. Eric led me through a past life regression that took me to a life that depicted the same issues I am struggling with in my present life. Seeing this life gave me clarity and wisdom that would have taken me weeks or months of talk-level therapy to understand. I came away with a calm, inner knowing of how to gracefully move forward in my life.”

“My session turned out to be more than I had hoped for. I had never experienced a past-life regression therapy session, so I was not sure what to expect. My life has been full of inner turmoil for years, with several bouts of depression and anxiety. I have had the feeling for years that there was something just “wrong” with me and a sense of not being “good enough” and also often feeling a sense of overwhelming failure even when things are going well. My session with Eric uncovered some things I had not expected and the results were immediate. I have waited a few weeks to write this because I wanted, really, to make sure the results were long term. I can say, without hesitation, that my session with Eric helped me realize a deeper purpose in life, and also given me the ability to see things from a perspective that gives me a sense of peace in the midst of turmoil. My life is going though a bit of turmoil, and I am able to handle it, and even enjoy the ride, more than I thought would be possible. Thanks! ”

“Our session that involved dealing with my very negative “PTSD” feelings has helped me in ways that I cannot explain and cannot understand… but for the first time in my adult life, I truly am positioned to be able to feel a true joy.  I used to periodically ‘journal’ when I was meeting brick walls, often commenting that there is no joy in my life; this occurring in spite of having a wonderful wife and 2 daughters, having a well paying job… etc.

Starting the first week or so after our last session, I was very exhausted. Your comments on how this may play out were helpful in setting the stage for a transition.

Again, I cannot explain this, nor can I understand it, but at the age of 55, I’m finally landing on being “at peace”.   I have waited to correspond, since I wanted to make certain that the positive outcome (outlook) was not a temporary ‘feeling’ but would be a lasting ‘reality’.  My wife is seeing some positive changes in my attitude, behavior, perspective as well.

Thanks for your assistance and expertise in allowing me to move onward from my ‘stuck’ position of negative energies. Our two sessions have allowed me to land on a new starting point after too many years of internal distress. Beyond the benefits of starting anew, amazing new discoveries and learnings continue.  A few months ago, I never imagined that I’d be re-focused as much as is occurring.   I’m beginning to see a new set of universal truths that sets perspective in a way that I’ve been seeking for a very long time.  I’m re-learning on many levels.

Thank you for everything that you have helped me with.  Again, a few months back, I would never have imagined what has transpired. It is beyond amazing to me that I’m FINALLY able to tap into a level of understanding, and, internal peace that has not occurred in my life of 55 years.”

“Words cannot describe the truly meaningful insights one can gain through hypnosis and past life regression. To put it more simply… I learned more, felt more joy, peace, love, and understanding of my mind and who I really am after 3 sessions with Eric than I did after 3+ years of traditional talk therapy. Eric is a true teacher with a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and love. Thank you so much!”

“…I am resting a bit to just process all I have come to gain from our session. It has helped me already as I started to feel the homesickness again last night and although I shed some tears I was able to look at it in a calm, confident manner and come out of it in peace rather than utter despair. Since our session, I have felt beautiful moments of amazing peace-it feels so good!! I keep replaying my session in my mind and keep coming up with new insights and realizations. I am just amazed at how much it has helped me in this lifetime!  At this point in my soul’s journey, it has been so very beneficial to my growth and I am so glad I listened to my inner self as to where I need healing and who to go to. I have cried “happy tears” as I call them when I think of how much stronger and aware of love I have become every day! So thank you again for all your assistance in my soul’s healing and growth-I am always led to the best souls possible!”

“Thank you for taking your time and writing to me. Even though I always thought I already knew so much about me and my problems, you revealed the most obvious part that I could never see. It is funny, I have been to so many counselors, and therapy sessions and you are the first one pointing out exactly what is missing for a complete life.

Also, I thank you for not just ending the session because the time was over but taking the time I needed. I liked driving all the way to St. Paul; it gave me the feeling I am doing something special for myself, because I now know I am worth it and I deserve it. It feels good and enhances my inner when I learn more about myself.

Although I did not do a past life experience, I gained the knowledge that I need to make this life better; actually to finally start living my life. Thank you for your encouragement.”

“I always knew something wasn’t quite right with my life, but I couldn’t name it. I’ve done my fair share of talk therapy and have been sober for 26 years, but I still felt fearful, isolated and unworthy. I knew I needed to do something different to make progress, but it took me a year to gain the courage to make an appointment with Eric. I am so glad I did! I don’t trust easily, but Eric was able to gain my confidence very quickly despite my concerns because he is kind, respectful, easy to talk to and nonjudgmental.

I spend a lot of time in my head questioning and analyzing things. I was always looking outside of myself to find what I thought I was missing; something to make me complete. I now know that I have a source of strength within me and am learning to connect with that source. In that space of connection, there is deep peace, love, acceptance and completeness. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I discovered that I always had the power to go home…Eric helped me find the way.”

“I have experienced three life-enhancing sessions with Eric Christopher as my trustworthy guide:  Past Life Regression, Life-between-Lives, and most recently, an initial Emotional Healing journey.

One of the many insights gained from these experiences is the tender recognition I’ve been living with a broken heart for many, many years.  As a result of my emotional healing experience, I now believe I’m living with a mending heart; a heart with room for an expansive human journey.  I have felt an unprecedented sense of optimism about my Life’s path since working with Eric.

Eric can meet you wherever you are on your Journey.  He’ll keep you safe.  The combination of his gentle nature and remarkable expertise can help you remember your own power and resourcefulness – divine gifts we carry with us and can’t be taken from us, ever.

As I shared with Eric, I have participated in other excellent therapeutic experiences – all of which brought me to a place where I could be guided by Eric, in a safe place, to integrate those learnings with new, deeper soul-level revelations.  Through his gentle, expert guidance, the Life scenes that needed my attention and release were stacked up in queue like ticket lines for a blockbuster film.

I have shared some of these memories before, but I think what made the difference this time is that I was supported in staying in the moment with the feelings, even though, at times, I felt painful emotional discomfort.  With Eric’s assistance, I was able to honor that experience for all of its painfulness.  Another difference was I was able to go back into those moments and “see” and feel myself responding from a place of strength, even as a very young child.  I was also able to give back to my Dad all of the toxic energy he passed onto me.  It was a breakthrough moment when Eric said my Dad could then choose to return that energy, in his own choosing, to the person who gave it to him.  It really was a multi-generational moment, visualizing Dad handing it back to my grandfather and my grandfather passing it back to my great-grandfather.  I don’t know how far back some of this intergenerational “virus” goes, but it was literally out of my hands now.  I had the clearest sense of this is not mine, this is yours.

My current “package” may look the same, but I feel lighter.  I feel more content.  My cosmic homesickness, my longing to return to the Divine, has been acknowledged and soothed.”



“I wanted to send you an email to thank you again for your help this past year. You were able to touch me in a way that was indeed miraculous. After each of the three sessions we had, my attitude towards life changed dramatically.

The last LBL session was a particularly powerful, earth-shattering experience. It changed me in ways that are hard to describe. The change was really just going back to my true nature, and becoming at peace with what is.

You are a miracle worker, and I am so lucky to have met you. I moved back home about a week ago. It has been a welcome change for me, and I am allowing myself time to integrate these powerful changes that are taking place. I am still feeling the aftershocks from our last session, so to speak.

I am now looking towards the future with an open heart. I am embracing whatever life brings my way, and I am not resisting this life experience anymore. The work that you are doing is indeed ground-breaking. I tried many types of therapy over the years, and nothing even comes close to your hypnotherapy / past life regression.

Many blessings to you and your family. I will remember you fondly for as long as I live.”

D.I.  March, 2017


An Incredibly Impactful Experience with Immediate Results

“Eric Christopher primarily markets himself as a specialist in regressions, but what should also be emphasized is his amazing abilities and talents in psychotherapy for the insights and line of questioning he also offers into the mix.  The combination of the two provides an incomparable experience with results above and beyond what one can expect from either of the two as stand-alone experiences.

From the moment I first wrote Eric (I’m comfortable referring to him by first name due to the level of connection and depth of relationship he offered), I knew there was something unique in the way he saw things…rather than looking at my particular situation from purely a psychological and medical standpoint (which he also did), he was able to immediately relate to me on a much deeper level.  A level which was not even obtained through years of repetitive visits to other therapists.

My soul journey began over 25 years ago.  Also over the past 25 years, I’ve experienced reoccurring symptoms of anxiety and depression.   I’ve had hypnotherapy before, but never felt quite satisfied with the results.  As mentioned, I’ve also seen therapists…searching for a solution in helping me join my soul learning with the deeper issues I’ve experienced in this lifetime.  Eric married the two and brought me into a state of exploration that finally pulled forward the root of my issues and provided not only revelation, but resolution.

I visited Eric twice.  The first 3-hour session focused on healing my emotional repression issues.  With his highly specialized technique, he provided deep resolution through exploration into how these issues first originated, where they reoccurred and finally why and how they manifested themselves within my current life.  Through his expertise, Eric took me back to the root of the problem, all key incidents related to the rationale behind my repression and finally helped me release the repressed emotions.  The session had immediate results which became apparent in specific incidences almost immediately after leaving his office.  I physically felt lighter and spiritually free than ever I could remember.

The second session brought it to the next level with a Life Between Lives regression.  In this 5-hour therapy session (which really felt quite truly more like an hour at most), I gained outstanding new insights into both the past and current relationships I’ve had throughout my life.  The session strengthened, reinforced and built on the first by bringing incredible understanding into why things happened the way they did, the learning I was offered through the experiences, the advancements I have made, and the areas I still had opportunity to grow from.

I not only plan to go back to Eric again in the future as my life and journey continues to unfold, but also recommend him strongly to my friends and family members.  Go with your own intuition.  If you are reading this now, something inside you brought you here.  Please know, these feelings are validated and you will not regret following through with Eric Christopher.  The results will change your life forever.”

J.L.  July, 2017


I cultivated a deep curiosity in exploring past lives after reading the work of Brian Weiss many years ago. As a therapist myself, I took a special interest in how this work could support deeper healing in present day lives, not only for myself, but also for my clients. I received a referral to Eric from someone in the community who spoke highly of him and decided that it was time to follow this intuitive curiosity. 

Eric and his sweet pup, Bodhi, greeted and welcomed me into their beautiful home. I felt at ease from the beginning, and appreciated Eric’s warm and loving approach to me and his work. He was thorough in educating me about the process, and created a safe environment for the work that I could feel he valued as sacred. 

I am writing this exactly two months from the day I had my session with Eric, and I am amazed at the shifts that have taken place thus far. A theme in my regression work was around a fear of “shining too bright”, and patterns of holding myself back in different ways in my current life. Through my regression, I was able to access a lifetime where this fear appeared to begin, and could see why it felt so deeply entrenched in my life. Since my session, I have felt these fears dismantle, and light has been shining in places that I hadn’t thought of looking in the past. Opportunities have been presenting themselves to me, and I feel a shift in my whole being as I take on things that I wouldn’t have imagined. It’s as if I can feel my spirit guides dancing around and celebrating my new found ability to claim my happiness and stop this nonsense of holding myself back! I have since started my own private practice, and have a new passion for the work that I do. I am deeply grateful to Eric for facilitating my regression, and feel that it has been powerfully valuable. 

May you find what you are seeking on your journey to help your light shine brighter! 

— K.L. February, 2019