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Symposium on Energy Healing

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BodySound Chair

There is an upcoming symposium on energy healing that I mentioned in my last blog. I wanted to share more about it in this one, and also about the background behind the BodySound chair, a tool for profound relaxation and healing on all levels.

Energy healing is rapidly becoming a dramatic new paradigm both in the US as self-care gains increasing prominence, and also globally as humanity begins to recognize the key issue underlying our many social ills – lack of spiritual self-identification. As we focus on this pivotal healing process it is clear that technology can play a role in accelerating our energetic/spiritual development, improving our health and vitality and adding meaning to our existence.

On Saturday, October 18th, the Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology is sponsoring a 1-day symposium on Energy Healing: Many Faces, One Source. The brochure describes the exceedingly relevant presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations covering practical applications and theoretical implications on the latest in energy healing technologies. To register for the symposium or to download the brochure please visit www.energyhealingtechnology.org.

For the Friday evening pre-symposium event, I’ll be doing a group-guided past life regression for participants immediately after they’ve experienced a BodySound chair session. Participation is available only to attendees registered for the main symposium and entails a separate fee of $60. Space is limited so sign up early if you’re interested, or call me at 651-649-1952.

Both events will be held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Bloomington, MN. For out-of-towners, a block of rooms have been reserved for the event at a discounted price of $79 per night. Phone: 952.831.6372.

Below is a short article by Dr. Dan Cohen about the story behind the BodySound Chair. Enjoy!


Energy Healing: The Path to Expanded Awareness and Perception
by Dan Cohen, M.D.

As an adolescent in the 1960’s and 70’s I became fascinated by stories about yogis and some westerners that could achieve seemingly impossible transformational feats or demonstrate extraordinary perceptual awareness and insight. I went to medical school and became a neurologist to study the brain, but also continued to read spiritual and metaphysical books and articles. In 1997 after years of meditation without meaningful results, I turned to technology in the hope that I too could significantly expand my conscious awareness without drugs. Our research team also included a psychic, an out-of-body observer and a team of engineers.

After 17 years of unconventional research we learned that energy healing (greater manifestation and expression of our spiritual Self as pictured and witnessed by our observers) promotes many benefits. Some of these benefits include expanded awareness and perception of spiritual influences in addition to dramatic improvement in mindfulness, peace and tranquility.

We came to define energy healing as any process that facilitates a fuller manifestation and expression of our energy system (spiritual self/Source) throughout our material plane of existence, including our physical bodies. The fundamental aspects of energy healing are:
1. unmasking our energy system (spiritual self/Source) by removing the limitations (egoic beliefs) we place upon it as opposed to repairing our spiritual self/Source, as that is not in need of repair
2. self-identifying in accordance with our true nature
Our limiting beliefs form the core of energetic blocks within our energy system that mask our spirituality. Releasing these beliefs unmasks our spiritual self/Source and allows us to manifest in life as our authentic Self. The act of self-identification represents the manner in which we manifest and express ourselves in all aspects of life; how we feel and behave, not just believe, as beliefs are solely ego-based.

As energy blocks clear (limiting beliefs are released) the chakras realign themselves with a symmetrical spin and the auric bodies appear more expanded. The individual’s personal spiritual self also is shown to be more integrated with the physical body. In addition, the spirit line appears straight, not broken, fragmented or curved. This is depicted as the transitional (middle) state above. With the transition to the Source Awakened state of being and greater self-identification with Source, the chakras appear white with a faster spin rate and white light radiates from the individual.

Our technology consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable delivery platform, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields, producing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects (www.ToolsToAwaken.com). The sound and vibratory stimuli produce a very deep state of relaxed drowsiness. The individual becomes profoundly relaxed, but typically aware. They are also instructed to pay attention to how relaxed they feel in order to recreate this feeling at other times, independent of chair sessions. Furthermore, in this state of profound relaxation the person’s ego is far less engaged and they are more receptive to change, ultimately releasing their limiting beliefs. Our observers also noted that the magnetic fields also induce profound shifts in energy with the release of energetic blocks.

We have formed the Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology (www.EnergyHealingTechnology.org) to assist individuals with the use of this technology, explore other energy healing technologies and generate awareness of such technologies and their benefits. We invite you to our first conference, scheduled for October 18, 2014 in Bloomington, MN (Park Plaza Hotel).


Past Life Regression to BodySound Chairs: Support for Awakening

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Past Life Regression to BodySound Chairs:  Support for Awakening

As human beings, we are in an unprecedented time of awakening and growth. Computers, cell phones, weaponry, you name it, with new inventions obsolete at an increasingly faster pace as we awaken to more advanced ideas and technology. This exponential growth is also apparent in the realm of consciousness, as a significant number of people are beginning to awaken from the sleep-like trance of the ego-identified state of being, and into a natural, transcendent and permanent part of their selves that is not governed by fear and separation. For most of us, this process comes in stages like a slow progression, but on rare occasions such as with Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, the jump from inner turmoil to freedom can happen quite spontaneously and intensely. For those who aspire to awaken to what they already are, certain tools can assist to realize more fully their true selves that lie beneath the surface of the fears and the illusions of separation that helps create this human experience.

What obscures the connection with our natural free being? It is our identification with the steady stream of the mind — our subtle thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. Identification with our mind is normal, of course, but it is also the reason behind 100% of our suffering, according the Buddha. Most of us do not realize that there is an aspect of us that is free from this thinking mind. However, when we finally do, it feels noticeably ‘more awake’ because it can observe this chatterbox mind. As the mind quiets through various practices like meditation and others mentioned below, there can be an increasing awareness of limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs. As a result, a subtle gulf gets created between ‘you’ and this thinking mind. This slight, elusive shift marks the beginning step in the journey from bondage to liberation. Who or what is this constant observer that can notice changing moods and thoughts whether at 5 or 85 years of age? Who or what am I? This is the ‘self-inquiry’ question which sages encourage us to ask, because, if you seriously inquire, it will stop the thinking mind since there is no answer that the thinking mind can comprehend. What’s left is pure unfiltered presence/awareness…a dimension of our being that is firmly rooted in the eternal present moment. Like a movie screen that holds ever-changing images, this same presence/awareness is a backdrop for the ceaseless flow of content from our minds.

You can find many awakened sages on youtube these days. One of them is Leonard Jacobson, sage and author of Journey Into Now. “We live our lives according to our unconscious beliefs,” says Jacobson. We can’t let go of the beliefs that limit us until we become aware of them. If you want to find a false belief that limits you, you can usually find one under a negative emotion that you’re trying to avoid. Adyashanti, another sage and teacher, suggests that a primary spiritual practice could be to allow whatever has been long repressed and denied within ourselves to be finally seen and felt in the light of our full consciousness. Then, he says, the energy can release from your body/mind system and be integrated into the fullness of your being.

This is where past life regression comes in. It is an effective tool to help in this awakening process because it leads to the discovery of our subconscious blocks if we set an intention for this to happen. PLR is far more than just seeing a past life. It’s about transcending the mind’s tendency to control in order to allow a higher guidance system to give you precisely what will help you move to the next level. You not only see a life that will expose a limiting pattern or belief, but PLR also helps you identify with the part of you that transcends the ego-based thinking mind. First, the information can drop into your awareness only when the analytical mind is ignored or quiet. Secondly, you begin to identify with and experientially feel the soul part of you between the lives after the death of the past life. As a result, a deep silencing of thought is noticed as you become solidly anchored in the eternal Now, free of the mind’s chatter and clutter. What remains is a clear, shining, free being of clarity and awareness. You become like a bright light bulb that has wiped away the mental dirt that obscured it, exposing the still presence of clarity, love and pure creative potential beneath it. During these moments, one can experience what it feels like to be free of their limiting beliefs.

New technology can also help on our journey of awakening. After 17 years of research, local neurologist and inventor Dan Cohen, MD, created a ‘BodySound’ chair, which combines layered sounds and music with synchronistic vibration and magnets. The result of a ‘BodySound’ chair session is profound relaxation with a conscious quieting of the thinking mind, thus increasing awareness of what it feels like to be free of the fear-based identity of egoic consciousness. It opens up the body’s energy system to receive greater flow while simultaneously setting the stage for limiting beliefs and conditioning to be noticed and released. Cohen then founded a non-profit organization, Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology (GIEHT), dedicated to using science and technology to promote the energy healing of humanity through research, education and practice. More information about GIEHT, as well as a symposium on energy healing modalities can be found at www.energyhealingtechnology.org. The symposium is on Saturday, October 18, 2014. The evening prior, I will be doing a pre-symposium event of a group- guided past life regression immediately following a BodySound session.

The common denominator between self-inquiry, past life regression, BodySound technology, and any other process that helps quiet the chattering mind is that it exposes the ego for what it is…a bunch of thoughts. More precisely, a circular pattern of thoughts revolving around an image of ‘me’, created from our programming and conditioning. However, a very real part of us transcends this image. The more we abide in this larger Self, the more our limiting beliefs and repressed emotions rise to the surface to become liberated in the light of our full awareness. As a by-product, we can more easily remain fully present in whatever moment this human experience gives us.