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Channeled Wisdom After Election Day, 2016

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Like nearly everyone, I have within my circle of family and acquaintances those who applauded the Trump presidential victory and also those who felt traumatized by it. In the days after the election, I received a channeled message from a friend and his wife, both of whom are psychic as well as mediums. I shared it with others and the response was so positive that I wanted to share it here. It reminds me of Albert Einstein’s words when he said that you can’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem, but rather from a higher level of consciousness. Internal or external conflicts can’t easily be dealt with from the egoic level, but from the higher spiritual level. Similarly, I was reminded of Adyashanti’s words when he said that if you’re drawn to activism, you will get far better results if you do it from the standpoint of Oneness, when you see the other as yourself, perhaps even the shadow side of yourself. If you repress and deny the shadow side of yourself, inner turmoil will ensue. And if you see another as the enemy, you will create an opposite reaction, and thus the same dualistic stalemate. Adyahanti says, “We are all divine being manifesting as human being…two sides of the same coin. It’s only our minds that separate divinity and humanity. The spiritual journey is to see that they never were separate.” Perhaps at some level, Donald Trump was the better agent to bring to the surface the anger and fears that reside deep in the collective consciousness for the purpose of being acknowledged and dealt with. There is a saying: “Freedom calls anything to the surface that which is not free”.

Below is my friends’ channeled wisdom that I felt called to share with you that came in the days after the election:

“There are important reasons a Trump win in this election at this time on planet earth is in right alignment. Just as we have crossroads or choice points in our individual lives, so too do we have crossroads and choice points as a collective. We are all connected on higher levels and have assistance from the angelic realm in order to make these collective choices.

We are progressing toward higher consciousness and in doing so, we are breaking down old energies and antiquated systems that no longer serve us. This path can lead us to more awareness, greater balance and peace on the planet.

There were many angels and guides around the planet surveying the energy of humanity as we reached Election Day. These same angelic beings are also present as we follow through with changing old patterns to new.

They foretold that if Hillary had won, the darkness that could have been expressed from a large number of angry Trump supporters would have created a rip in the fabric of humanity that would have taken a very long time to heal. This could have easily led to a militarized response to mass riots and chaos in the streets.

They also expressed that had Hillary won, she would have been blocked from getting much done in her presidency, adding to the disappointment and anger. It was her karma to run for president and help bring balance to the planet. She made her karmic completion when she delivered her concession speech in the powerful and loving way she did.

There are many scenarios that we create together in order to elevate consciousness. We have entered a new corridor. This one is filled with opportunities and mystery. It’s up to all of us to help create a better way. Our disappointment, anger and sadness can be channeled into a presence of peace and right action for all of our relations.

The pain of generations is being processed and released. The tears we are shedding now are watering our seeds of change. We made an agreement that we would do this together, one by one. We have the fortitude to continue to bring about this change. What we have been through these last 18 months has struck a chord throughout the world.

Emotions are elevated; however we can harness that into constructive imagination, excitement and make positive change in our lives. As we become lighter and more alive we will inspire our brothers and sisters.

We are in a new opening where Holy Spirit is potently present. In the old way of responding, people would retreat if they were unhappy with the results of an election. In this opening, the angelic realms encourage us to transform the emotional energy and get excited about possibilities. Be true to yourselves. Create businesses, create communities of like minds and live with passion. Get engaged with the political process if you feel called to.

The most important thing now is about what we do individually, each and every day. It is about bringing your spark, your light and excitement just as if the outcome was what each and every person had wanted it to be.

Those who hoped for inclusiveness and wanted to stand up against intolerance and brutality can now be the real change makers. The resentment, anger and judgment that has perpetuated for so many generations can be healed through compassion, love and strength. Now is the time to be present and say, How can we all work together?

We stand with our ancestors in the wisdom of love, strength and courage to create a beloved community that makes room for everyone.
We continue on in love, light and solidarity allowing all our brothers and sisters their voices as we blend alongside each other in this most diverse world. We stand!”

Damon and Cathy Coynes