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One Way to Wake Up

The Two Parts of You

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One way of viewing ourselves is that we have two dimensions: one is based in separation and is motivated by fear and wanting, while the other dimension of ourselves knows that there is nothing to fear because it can never be harmed and it knows that it’s already connected to all the joy, love and security that the “separate” you is looking for. The human “you” looks at others as a possible threat or as something to attain something from, while the higher dimensional “you” sees one animating life force behind all things and beings, and thus feels a sense of oneness which, as you steep in this viewpoint, brings on a growing sense of compassion for all others, especially those who are unconsciously stuck in the viewpoint of separation. Compassion is a natural by-product of wisdom. So is acceptance of different viewpoints because differences are viewed as interesting flavors coming from oneness. They don’t define the deepest aspect of the person or animal, just the surface level.

Both of these dimensions of us are going on at the same time. The separate “you” is subject to time and space, and will eventually cease to exist, while the higher dimensional “you” is pure energy and can never stop existing in it’s deepest sense as pure presence/awareness/consciousness. This higher dimension can be experienced easily in a session where you inwardly focus for an extended period of time. I always ask my clients toward the end of the session if there is anything in the universe that can harm them. They always respond with various renditions of “of course not”. The other way to connect to this higher dimensional “you” is to be fully present with anything…a flower, person, an apple. In those moments, you are not pulled out of the present moment by your mind, but you can be identified with part of you that is pure effortless awareness.

The key to contentment in the human experience is all about which dimension of “you” that you primarily identify with in each moment…the separate “you” or the “you” that lives on after the separate “you” becomes a memory? What do you want that memory to be like? This moment contains the blueprint.