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A Stirring Near-Death Experience Discussion (audio)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dr. Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon and the author of the book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, in which he describes his 2008 near-death experience that radically changed his understanding and view of reality. He also wrote the book Map of Heaven. He explains how the current physical scientific model of consciousness, based upon the theory that consciousness begins and ends in the brain, is weak and cannot explain phenomena like telepathy, past life memories, near death experiences, remote viewing, etc. He says we are on the cusp of evolving into a newer and higher understanding of consciousness, and of who we are and why we’re here.

He is beautifully articulate in this interview about describing his own near death experience and also the evidence that points to our true identity as eternal beings that are intricately interwoven with each other like a tapestry, and that heaven really is here and now beneath the illusion of this human experience. He also discusses ways of connecting to one’s higher self through meditation. He says that when we know that we’re far more than this body and also the voice in our head, we can bring great gifts into our lives on earth and realize that we’re all participants in this grand awakening.

I’ll leave you with his words and his audio interview which is about 55 minutes long, and well worth the listen! Here is Eben….

“The most central message I bring through my presentations and books is the insurmountable power of unconditional love to change our world for the better. In spite of what many would point to as the darkness of our times, I remain optimistic that the way out of our troubles is always at hand.  Our beacon in these times, as during past challenges, is the great power of the human spirit to usher us into a far better and more harmonious world for all through love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and mercy. Unconditional love has infinite power to heal, whether one is talking about healing the individual, the soul group, ethnic populations, nations, all of humanity, all of life on earth, or beyond.

Please enjoy this audio interview that I provided for the Heaven on Earth telesummit I participated in earlier this year.

To all of you, my best personal wishes for love, peace and harmony – for all of this world!”

–Eben Alexander

An Extraordinary Near Death Experience Account (Video)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“Man is a soul, and has a body. When he properly places his sense of identity, he leaves behind all compulsive patterns. So long as he remains confused in his ordinary state of spiritual amnesia, he will know the subtle fetters of environmental law.”               — Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

A friend of mine asked, “How does one get so much wisdom into 3 little sentences?” How true.

The above quote nicely ties into a Near Death Experience account by Jeff Olsen that is one of the best and most beautiful I have ever heard. He spoke at the International Association of Near Death Studies. His account begins at 3:15 during the video. Listening to the Q & A after his account presents many more insights and understandings of earth life and the spirit realm.

During his account, he mentions how clear it was at the time that this earth life is the “crazy, weird, foggy dream,” and what he experienced in the spiritual realm felt far more real. It illustrates how life is multi-dimensional, and that there is so much more going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes of this physical life. We truly are more than we think we are, and we are going through life in a sort of hypnotic dream-like state, which of course doesn’t feel dream-like until we wake up from it. Olsen stresses that we can choose how we want to experience this earth life by the manner in which we meet each moment and circumstance, especially how we respond to the inevitable adversity of human life. As we keep our minds on the bigger picture, we can tap into the gifts that are always available here and now, thereby limiting our suffering. Please enjoy this talk, and consider forwarding it to others. It can only improve the world!