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“Early Visitations to Earth by Superior Beings”

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I’m sharing an article by Micheal Newton that was published in Fate Magazine back in March of 2001. For those not familiar with Michael Newton, I would say that his book Journey of Souls has been one of the top influential books in my life. When I read it in 1996, I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life, and it propelled me into the work I do today. So I finished my masters degree, took hypnotherapy training, then past life regression training, and finally met my goal of getting trained in Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy with Michael Newton in 2004. Most importantly, along the way, I also met and trained with multitudes of other great practitioners from all over the world who shared their own unique hypnotherapy modalities of healing present and past life issues, most of which I draw on today.

I have met numerous people and clients who have shared that Newton’s book Journey of Souls has changed their lives. For some it provides a paradigm shift from most western thinking that finally makes sense to them: that there is more beneath the surface than we are consciously aware of…we are souls having a certain human experience for specific reasons and purposes that our soul is hoping to accomplish. When we begin to see life through this lens, it can take on a whole new meaning.

This article is different than Newton’s books which mostly focus on the spirit life between earth life incarnations. Instead, it documents recollections of off-world visitors about early times on our planet. It also cross validates research into ancient cultures regarding contact with other races who visited here. These cases are offered through the eyes of the visitors themselves. Please enjoy!


“Early Visitations to Earth by Superior Beings” by Micheal Newton

In my hypnotherapy practice as a Spiritual regressionist, I take ordinary people back to their life between lives where they remember an existence as spiritual beings. My clients are also able to recall their experiences in many physical bodies in former lives on Earth. Some even report living on other worlds before they began their reincarnations on Earth. My two books, Journey of Souls (1994) and Destiny of Souls (2000) are primarily devoted to case studies of our soul life in the spirit world. While I have referenced selected cases of clients who have been on other worlds, I have not written about the memories a few clients have of visiting Earth long ago in alien bodies from a superior culture.

The reason I have avoided these particular stories is that I consider such accounts by certain hypnosis subjects to be anomalies. Traveling within a spacecraft around our physical universe is not part of the usual past life memories most people have. This is especially true of former visits to Earth. Frankly, only one person out of hundreds in my practice reposts to me that they once visited Earth in an alien spacecraft. This is too small a sample for comparable verification.

Normally, when I lecture about events which have happened to people in former existences, there have to be two factors present: The reports must consistent and they must come from a high volume of clients.. Because these criteria do not exist regarding early alien visitations to Earth by some clients, I have given only one lecture about this subject to the public. This was requested of me at the 9th International UFO Congress in Nevada last year. Even though I believe my information about alien visits to Earth to be incomplete, it was nonetheless well received by this audience of UFO enthusiasts. Thus, I felt the few reports I have from people in deep hypnosis who remembered visiting Earth from another planet early in our history would be of interest to the readers of FATE magazine.

A Sighting

My reluctance to speak out about this subject does not stem from denying the existence of UFOs. As an amateur astronomer, I am especially aware that our universe has over 100 billion galaxies, each of which has billions of stars. If less than one percent of all these suns had intelligent life on planets orbiting around them, these worlds would number in the millions. Indeed, my feelings about the existence of highly intelligent life on other worlds were validated by my own experience on October 16, 1973, during a week of major UFO sightings around the country. On that date, around 10 pm, I stood with a group of people in Thousand Oaks, California, and saw a UFO traveling perhaps 1.500 miles per hour toward us from the east, some 500 feet off the ground. As it approached, I could see a dotted line of orange lights midway up an oval disk. After the UFO soundlessly passed us, it made a right-angle turn straight up without slowing down. There was a greenish glow from the craft before it disappeared out of sight. An airline pilot standing near me remarked, “We don’t make anything like that.”

Part of what I presented to the UFO Congress were quotes from cases involving two types of visitations to Earth:

A Brief Visit
(Over 200,000 years ago)

“My home world was in a star system called Suran, which is not in this [our own] galaxy. We were looking for a place to leave our seed and found Earth very beautiful. Earth was unique in its beauty and potential for evolution. The people here were… so primitive… sub-human… like animals… yet not so. Our mission was to blend our energy with the local inhabitants to raise their awareness. It was not intended that we would star and colonize as a separate race. It was not pleasant to mate with these primitives but we felt it was our duty to raise their consciousness. We were tall and very thin while they were very short with heavy density. I must tell you, as one of the females, I could not bring myself to mate with Earth males but some of my sisters di so as did some of our men. I am ashamed to tell you I would not allow myself to be touched by Earth people even though I was taught to respect all forms of life. I preferred just the teaching. These people of Earth had no meaningful language and built no structures of consequence in the early time. Yet, they were strong and not afraid of us. We were a curiosity to them. We helped them for a while and then left for good. Eventually, I asked my spiritual masters to allow me to finish my incarnations on Earth as a human some 5,000 years ago.”

Full Colonization
(Around 150,000 years ago)

I come from a star system called Pladia [in our galaxy]. It was a planet slightly larger than Earth with a similar atmosphere and topography except our ocean only covered 40 percent of my home world. We could breathe Earth’s air easily and that’s why a group of us stayed. Our planet was overpopulated. After almost a year our starship left and did not return. We did not mate with the primitives here at first but later our colonists got lazy and began losing the technology we had brought. Eventually, we assimilated with the local inhabitants. I mated with a goat herder and it was disgusting for me but necessary because we didn’t want the vestiges of our race to die out after contact with our home world was lost.”

At the UFO conference I also cited a third case of a client who reported witnessing a UFO exploration team when we reviewed his past life in Egypt around 2500 B.C. Here is an excerpt from that case: “I was a high priest and these people came in a huge silver ship. They had prominent foreheads, large eyes and were short in stature. They showed little emotion and were peaceful towards us. It was the time when we began to build pyramids and they helped us because they were great architects. Because their ship frightened us, they soon took it away and we could see their coming and going only as bright lights in the sky. After about a year they left and no one saw them again.”

Of course these reports, and others I have seen over the years, might indicate that the human genetic makeup has a variety of origins as opposed to a single evolutionary precursor. In fact, archaeologists have recently found both moderns and primitive human skulls who existed simultaneously. Even so, the traditional scientific community would deny the early co-existence of any other intelligent race with the natives of Earth.

Descriptions of Other Worlds

Another intriguing aspect of these infrequent reports about Earthly visitations is the information from those clients who are able to remember something about their home world locations. The universe is vast, but I always probe for descriptions which might include relevant constellations in our night sky. On those occasions when a subject speaks of a past life in a highly technological alien culture, they are rarely reported to be in our galaxy. But there are exceptions.

I have records of a few instances where, under post-hypnotic suggestion, clients will point to stars in the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) group. The seven-star group is not just a chance astronomical alignment of unrelated stars. A number of them average 80 light years from our sun. The client in the third case sited above told me: “During the building of the pyramids, my ship came from a star in the handle of the Big Dipper.” Some years after this case, I saw a newspaper article from a Cambridge University Egyptologist who said that the precise north-south alignment of the Great Pyramid at Giza was not based on Polaris, the north start today, but rather on Mizar in the Big Dipper’s handle, which was used “like a plumbline” for measurements around 2500 B.C.

Another client, who reported being a space visitor during this same early Egyptian period, told me she came from a system in the Big Dipper by the name of “Helis,” which was the way I spelled the word during our session. Later, after studying on of my celestial references, I was astonished to find that Mirak in Ursa Major was known to the ancient world as Helice. In other historical volumes, I discovered that the Egyptians of later dynasties as well as the early Europeans called the Big Dipper region “the place of the chariots.”

In my work with souls I have never seen evidence of any form of transmigration from lower forms of animal or plant life into a human form. When souls in human bodies describe incarnations in other physical worlds, these planets all appear to have similar classifications of highly intelligent beings. If the reports I have cited above really do have a basis in truth, apparently it was known by older cultures in our universe that Earth had the potential for a superior form of life.    ☆

Michael Newton, Ph.D., held a doctorate in counseling, was a state-certified Master Hypnotherapist in California, and was a member of the American Counseling Association. Dr. Newton passed away in 2016.