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“Love is the Absence of Judgement”

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“Love is the Absence of Judgement” is one of my favorite quotes by the Dalai Lama. It reminds me of a similar quote by Adyashanti. It was something like, “A guidepost to how spiritually evolved you are is how you treat others who don’t support you or who you don’t agree with.” These quotes are certainly pertinent during these times of global strife.

Quotes can often be valuable and confirming messages that we receive at just the right time in our life to help us move forward with a renewed perspective.

Someone recently sent me a link to 202 inspirational and motivational quotes which were categorized into different topics. They were shared by a woman named Farnoosh Brock who created a blog she titled “Prolific Living”. I wanted to share the link to these quotes with you because many of them caused me to smile, nod my head and say “yes”! I’m sure you will find several which will move you similarly.

Please enjoy these 202 inspirational quotes!