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How to Respond in This Moment in Time?

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“We are no doubt at a very critical point in time. Our world hangs in balance, and a very precarious balance it is. Awakening to Reality is no longer a possibility; it is an imperative. We have sailed the ship of delusion about as far as she can carry us.” – Adyashanti, The Way of Liberation

For many people, the Coronavirus has triggered root chakra fears of safety and security from not only this life, but past lives as well. Many of us as souls have either died from plagues and epidemics in past lives or known of people who have, so it’s no wonder people are struggling.

Additionally, the stay at home order can create an environment that brings to the surface conflicts and issues within familial relationships. Any conflicts that arise in relationships always point to something within ourselves that can be healed, or shifted to a new perspective that doesn’t create conflict. The virus serves as an opportunity to point to that which is ready to be changed or healed not only within ourselves but also collectively as a society. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this healing in my office. Recently, I’ve seen three clients who have healed tremendous trauma in their lives, and are now in a place where they are noticing an effortless flow of feelings of love, joy and gratitude in their lives. Now that they have released their traumas, they are more easily able to allow their body/mind system to be a clear vessel for their soul to shine through and express itself. If you’re in a tough space with your emotions, know that it’s possible to feel more peace through healing work.

The virus is also pointing out lessons regarding the healing of society and the earth. For example, as the busy pace of everyday life has slowed down, the dolphins have returned to the canals in Venice, Italy. Air pollution and global CO2 levels, contributors to climate change, have been significantly reduced. People are witnessing clear blue skies in areas of China that they haven’t seen in years. People are unified in a common challenge, and it can bring out acts of love, creativity and kindness. A wonderful example of this came last Saturday. I was pulled outside by the melodic sounds of beautiful saxophone music. On our street corner was a young man sharing his amazing musical talents. More and more neighbors were being drawn outside. People passing by stopped to listen and began intermingling with others, albeit 6 feet away. Everyone was soaking in the atmosphere…listening, smiling, laughing, talking, some even dancing. In that moment in time, the young musician had lifted everyone’s spirits and created a unified feeling of bond and connection within the community.

We have purposely incarnated into this 3rd Dimension of duality during this transitional time on earth to challenge ourselves, although challenging ourselves happens to be the purpose of all incarnations. How we respond to these challenges helps to create, define and shape who we are, and can also help determine what comes our way in the future via the law karma and the law of attraction. The awakened sage Eckhart Tolle says that we tend to grow the most personally and spiritually on the heels of our greatest tragedies and challenges. Thus, the Coronavirus provides us the opportunity to decide who and what we choose to be in the face of challenges…to act like a victim or to shine as an inspiration to others.

If we’re racked with fear, there is an invitation to remember that we are actually eternal beings based in love and we can heal any repressed fear that is getting triggered within our body/mind systems so we can allow the love that we are to flow through us. This would also be a perfect time to start a gratitude journal if you are feeling fear. Our vibration raises considerably with thoughts of love, appreciation, gratitude and compassion. And it just so happens that these qualities are a natural by-product as we spiritually awaken to the truth of who and what we are. Energy flows where attention goes.

I often like to share some sources of inspiration and teaching in my blogs. Here are a few:

Gregg Braden is a scientist who bridges science and spirituality. One of the ongoing themes of his research and teaching is that we are interconnected, and our thoughts affect not only our body’s immune system and vitality, but also the well being of the planet. Joining a group meditation to heal the planet does far more than we can know and currently understand for not only ourselves but also our earth home.

Alan Pritz, meditation teacher and author, shares specifically how people can serve as channels for divine healing through scientific prayer in this article.

The Community for Higher Consciousness is a group in the Twin Cities area dedicated to supporting people to be their best selves while transitioning into higher consciousness in order to help themselves and also the planet.

Finally, The Shift Network offers online courses and classes to support the growth and transformation for people on all levels…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are all growing and evolving on a soul level whether we’re aware of it or not. But it goes so much more smoothly when we are conscious and deliberate about it.

Many blessings to you!


Symposium on Energy Healing

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BodySound Chair

There is an upcoming symposium on energy healing that I mentioned in my last blog. I wanted to share more about it in this one, and also about the background behind the BodySound chair, a tool for profound relaxation and healing on all levels.

Energy healing is rapidly becoming a dramatic new paradigm both in the US as self-care gains increasing prominence, and also globally as humanity begins to recognize the key issue underlying our many social ills – lack of spiritual self-identification. As we focus on this pivotal healing process it is clear that technology can play a role in accelerating our energetic/spiritual development, improving our health and vitality and adding meaning to our existence.

On Saturday, October 18th, the Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology is sponsoring a 1-day symposium on Energy Healing: Many Faces, One Source. The brochure describes the exceedingly relevant presentations, panel discussions and demonstrations covering practical applications and theoretical implications on the latest in energy healing technologies. To register for the symposium or to download the brochure please visit www.energyhealingtechnology.org.

For the Friday evening pre-symposium event, I’ll be doing a group-guided past life regression for participants immediately after they’ve experienced a BodySound chair session. Participation is available only to attendees registered for the main symposium and entails a separate fee of $60. Space is limited so sign up early if you’re interested, or call me at 651-649-1952.

Both events will be held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Bloomington, MN. For out-of-towners, a block of rooms have been reserved for the event at a discounted price of $79 per night. Phone: 952.831.6372.

Below is a short article by Dr. Dan Cohen about the story behind the BodySound Chair. Enjoy!


Energy Healing: The Path to Expanded Awareness and Perception
by Dan Cohen, M.D.

As an adolescent in the 1960’s and 70’s I became fascinated by stories about yogis and some westerners that could achieve seemingly impossible transformational feats or demonstrate extraordinary perceptual awareness and insight. I went to medical school and became a neurologist to study the brain, but also continued to read spiritual and metaphysical books and articles. In 1997 after years of meditation without meaningful results, I turned to technology in the hope that I too could significantly expand my conscious awareness without drugs. Our research team also included a psychic, an out-of-body observer and a team of engineers.

After 17 years of unconventional research we learned that energy healing (greater manifestation and expression of our spiritual Self as pictured and witnessed by our observers) promotes many benefits. Some of these benefits include expanded awareness and perception of spiritual influences in addition to dramatic improvement in mindfulness, peace and tranquility.

We came to define energy healing as any process that facilitates a fuller manifestation and expression of our energy system (spiritual self/Source) throughout our material plane of existence, including our physical bodies. The fundamental aspects of energy healing are:
1. unmasking our energy system (spiritual self/Source) by removing the limitations (egoic beliefs) we place upon it as opposed to repairing our spiritual self/Source, as that is not in need of repair
2. self-identifying in accordance with our true nature
Our limiting beliefs form the core of energetic blocks within our energy system that mask our spirituality. Releasing these beliefs unmasks our spiritual self/Source and allows us to manifest in life as our authentic Self. The act of self-identification represents the manner in which we manifest and express ourselves in all aspects of life; how we feel and behave, not just believe, as beliefs are solely ego-based.

As energy blocks clear (limiting beliefs are released) the chakras realign themselves with a symmetrical spin and the auric bodies appear more expanded. The individual’s personal spiritual self also is shown to be more integrated with the physical body. In addition, the spirit line appears straight, not broken, fragmented or curved. This is depicted as the transitional (middle) state above. With the transition to the Source Awakened state of being and greater self-identification with Source, the chakras appear white with a faster spin rate and white light radiates from the individual.

Our technology consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable delivery platform, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields, producing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects (www.ToolsToAwaken.com). The sound and vibratory stimuli produce a very deep state of relaxed drowsiness. The individual becomes profoundly relaxed, but typically aware. They are also instructed to pay attention to how relaxed they feel in order to recreate this feeling at other times, independent of chair sessions. Furthermore, in this state of profound relaxation the person’s ego is far less engaged and they are more receptive to change, ultimately releasing their limiting beliefs. Our observers also noted that the magnetic fields also induce profound shifts in energy with the release of energetic blocks.

We have formed the Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology (www.EnergyHealingTechnology.org) to assist individuals with the use of this technology, explore other energy healing technologies and generate awareness of such technologies and their benefits. We invite you to our first conference, scheduled for October 18, 2014 in Bloomington, MN (Park Plaza Hotel).

Past Life Regression’s Greatest Attribute

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One of the most important insights that past life regression offers is the realization that you are an immortal being. This truth more deeply sinks into the subconscious mind as a result of connecting to the soul part of you that already knows this truth, and the trickle-down benefits are subtle, yet profound. You are a soul here and now, which means that you never die. Something that would significantly help the planet would be for individuals to wake up to their immortality. Evidence of our immortality is reflected in the thousands of cases of accurate past life recall.

As we deepen in the awareness of our immortality, it slowly dawns on us that we are merely role-playing here. The goal of this game of human life is to find lasting happiness. We search outside of ourselves for awhile until a turning point in the soul’s evolution steers our focus inward. As we deepen our search, we can experience peace, lightness and love, until one day we realize that these states are not states at all, but characteristics of the deepest part of our being, available when we’re free of the mind’s buzzing turmoil. Eckhart Tolle points out that the key to this freedom is to take the focus off of the content of our minds and place it on the eternal ‘beingness’ or pure, unfiltered conscious-awareness that provides the backdrop of all of our mind’s content…the part of you that can be aware of a passing mood or thought. Yet forgetfulness happens repeatedly, and again we identify with the human part of us that is burdened with our opinions and worries until we once again remember the truth of our being.

The human experience is one of forgetfulness, and also of getting lost…lost in the world of the mind and all of our beliefs about what’s true, about who we are, and things on the ‘to-do’ list. This is my challenge, as well as most of us.

A natural quality of waking up to the most permanent part of you is acceptance. As we live from surrendered acceptance, we can fully participate in the ups and downs that life offers without wanting to escape or be fearful. There is a natural acceptance of ‘what is’, even if it brings unwanted emotions, because it becomes safe to fully feel emotions. When you know you’re role-playing, any emotion can be a rich, textured experience, even the grief from loss. I know people who won’t allow themselves to love again because of the pain of loss. Past life regression usually unveils the illusion of loss, making it safe to love, and feel hurt, and then deeply love again. It also cuts through the illusion of fear, allowing you to know what it would feel like to securely live from your full potential, free of any limiting beliefs and subtle anxieties that hold you back.

A natural acceptance of other’s beliefs is an important, key by-product of identifying with our true immortal selves, given the diversity on our planet. Nobody’s beliefs or dogmas, including our own, need to be taken personally. It’s recognized that all beliefs are products of the human conditioning process, and who and what we ultimately are transcends all beliefs. Then we can accept one another. We don’t have to agree with or even like each other’s limiting beliefs, but there can be a recognition that beneath all beliefs there is something in common….we are immortal, we come from the same energy source, and we have each blindly forgotten this truth. Yet that’s not a problem, because it’s that way by design. It’s the play of the divine Oneness, also known as God’s “Lila” in the Hindu tradition, that we’re all a part of. The goal of this play is to awaken to who we really are, and therefore out of our judgments of ourselves and others. Adyashanti, an awakened teacher, says the best indicator of our spiritual growth is how accepting and tolerant we are with those of opposing belief systems. From the vantage point of the highest dimension of yourself, there is no effort to accept, you are acceptance itself because everyone and everything else is a part of you, whether they’re conscious of that fact or not. Furthermore, it’s impossible to be separated from this part of you, as it’s the backdrop of your beingness. It merely gets overlooked during the human hypnotic experience. A deep inner journey, whether self-guided or guided, can make this evident.

It has been said by many these days that it is imperative that we wake up to our immortality which transcends all of our worries and judgments about ourselves and others. When we can sense and know the sameness beneath our differences, then we can realize that we are all one consciousness, albeit lost and operating through seven billion unique filters of programming and conditioning, resulting in various degrees of suffering. The natural emotion that arises from this realization is compassion. The differences that divide can be washed away by a mere perception shift towards truth and away from the illusion that is mind-created. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” That which divides is illusion. In fact, the only thing that separates anyone from all of their divine qualities is an illusory thought and perspective. This is not a philosophy, but a truth that can be known only in one’s own direct, immediate experience. Deep inner journeys such as past life regression can help you remember not only the truth of yourself, but also offer a glimpse of the reality behind the trials of human life. What is the next level of evolution that your soul is nudging your personality to experience? Go within and find out.