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Introducing The Collective

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In the past 16 years of facilitating past life regressions, I’ve experienced many fascinating cases, far too many to count. However, there are a few sessions that continue to stand out. Two years ago, a woman named Kelly came to do a past life regression. Even though it was very strange and new territory for her, she felt intuitively drawn to experience a past life regression. Recently, she encouraged me to share her story because of the far-reaching impact of that session.

Her journey began during the part of the session when the past life is over and the soul goes into the soul realm. Kelly began speaking in a male voice. This voice imparted wisdom and information about the many changes happening on our planet today. When the session was over, I told Kelly, “You were channeling.”

She replied, “What’s that?” Metaphysics was new to her. In fact, she had only recently been a committed Christian teaching adult bible study in a local church. Curious, she began to study some well known people who channel spiritual beings, such as Lee Carroll, Ester Hicks and Jane Roberts.

Not long after the session, Kelly and her husband Rick travelled to Sedona. While there, on three separate occasions, each psychic told her pretty much the same thing: “Do you know that you are a channel for a collective of star nations?” After the third time she heard that, Kelly, still a bit skeptical, said, “I need some confirmation of that.” The third psychic said that she would soon receive that confirmation on her way home.

Driving to the airport, Kelly was startled to see a UFO in front of their car keeping pace with them. She screamed, “Rick! Do you see that UFO?” He could not. She witnessed several UFO’s the next few days near her home in Wisconsin while no one else could. She was concerned she might be going a bit crazy until two weeks later when Rick also began seeing them. In fact, they would sit outside on their lawn chairs together and watch UFO’s, noticing that no one else could see them.

Even though Kelly continued to receive messages from the discarnate beings wanting to speak through her, she still felt uncomfortable, as anyone would. She wanted to see them and talk with them directly to get further proof before she agreed to channel their messages. They suggested that she come to see me again for a Life-Between-Lives session. That was just over a year ago. At that session, Kelly not only saw them but communicated with them directly, receiving the confirmation she was looking for. During that session, the beings (whom Kelly named The Collective) began talking to me. They told me I would soon speak to various organizations. I thought to myself, “That would be nice since it’s been over two years since I spoke to a group.” Within two weeks, I had invitations to speak to four different organizations.

After that confirmation, I became more interested in the wisdom and advice The Collective wants to share with humanity as we go through the many transformative changes on this planet. One of the messages they share is that we need to raise our vibration by identifying ourselves as the divine beings we are rather than believing any thoughts of “not good enough” from our human experience.

Since Kelly’s last session on July 3, 2017, she has begun channeling messages from The Collective regularly. She and Rick have made several trips to the Twin Cities from their home in Appleton, Wisconsin to channel The Collective’s messages for interested groups, the next one being September 15th at the DoubleTree in Minneapolis. The messages have been mind-expansive, providing a clearer view of a larger reality beyond this physical realm of earth. The Collective can also answer any question you may have regarding earth changes, the spirit realm, personal issues, or anything you can think of. They describe themselves as a collection of beings from the 5th dimension to the twelfth and beyond, some of them arch-angels.

The consciousness expansion that comes once you embark on the spiritual path never ends. Not only do you accumulate more wisdom, but also many experiences that often lie beyond your previous belief system.

For more information about Kelly’s channeled messages, visit KellyThebo.com. And a favorite message of mine from The Collective is called, “Relationships – Why Are They So Challenging?