Barbro Karlen to Visit the Twin Cities

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Barbro Karlen is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. As a two year old, she told her parents that they were not her real parents…her real parents would be picking her up soon. She also knew her name was not Barbro, it was Anna. As a child she had many vivid and confusing memories of the life of Anne Frank…years before the Diary of Anne Frank was published. Throughout her childhood she had a flood of thoughts and emotions that could only be released through writing. By the time she was 12 years old, she had published the best selling poetry book in Sweden. She will be speaking in the Twin Cities in November.

The Continuum Center will be hosting Barbro Karlen on Thursday, November 10th from 7-9pm at the Sabes Jewish Community Center, 4330 Cedar Lake Rd S, in Minneapolis. Here is a link to register

The reincarnation author, Walter Semkiw, points out that Barbro’s compelling reincarnation case demonstrates that religion can change from one lifetime to another, as Anne was persecuted as a Jew while Barbro was born into a Christian family in Sweden. And if it had been understood by the Nazis that one could be born Jewish in one lifetime and Christian in another, the Holocaust could not have have happened. Hence the value of viewing ourselves and each other from the higher perspective of our true identity…as primarily spiritual beings who are having a human experience.

Here is a 17-minute edited version of an interview with Barbro Karlen. Please enjoy!

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    • Eric Christopher
      Eric Christopher says:

      I don’t have Barbro’s email. Jane Barrash from The Continuum Center would have it. You could also try a google search.


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