Past Life Regression Case Studies

Reading past life regression case studies are a helpful way to understand what a session can look and feel like. Notice how one’s inner guidance gives them precisely what will be most beneficial for them. This work is fascinating and I’m always excited to see where a session takes a person. I’ve guided over 4,000 sessions in the last 23 years and I never tire of all of the interesting stories. I hope you enjoy them too!

Life Between Lives Session

Case 7: A Narrative of a Life Between Lives session

Reading Time: 11 minutes

One of my clients wrote up a fascinating and descriptive narrative of his Life Between Lives experience. The following is an account of an advanced soul. Life Between Lives Session [1-29-2013] Prologue What follows is a description of my LBL (Life Between Life) session with Eric Christopher.  Eric is a Board Certified Regression Therapist from […]

A Fascinating Past Life Account

Case 8: A Young Woman Remembers Her Prior Life as a Soldier in Vietnam

Reading Time: 9 minutes

A young woman in her early to mid-20’s came in to do a past life regression. It stands as one of the most fascinating cases that I’ve guided in over 20 years of doing this work. Since her soul had been an American soldier fighting in Vietnam prior to this life, the information that she obtained […]

Life Between Lives Transcription

Case 9: The Transcription of an Entire Life-Between-Lives session

Reading Time: 37 minutes

This full transcript of a Life-Between-Lives session reveals a captivating glimpse into the matter-of-fact life that follows our earthly lives. Although our lives are certainly real, they are relatively real. From the vantage point of the soul, these lives can seem like fictitious role plays that all have reasons and purposes behind them. This transcript also reveals […]