Past Life Regression Case Studies

Reading past life regression case studies are a helpful way to understand what a session can look and feel like. Notice how one’s inner guidance gives them precisely what will be most beneficial for them. This work is fascinating and I’m always excited to see where a session takes a person. I’ve guided over 4,000 sessions in the last 23 years and I never tire of all of the interesting stories. I hope you enjoy them too!

An Eloquent Description of Experiences with Past Life

Case 10: An Eloquent Description of Experiences with Past Life Regression

Reading Time: 4 minutes

This case example follows a different format because my client shared with me the written narrative of her past life regression experience. It so eloquently and articulately captured how past life regression works, that I did not want to change the wording or format. Describing your experience can be quite a challenge. One of the […]

Healing Intense Fear and Abandonment

Case 11: Healing Intense Fear and Abandonment

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Carl Jung said, “Healing is about becoming conscious of that which is unconscious.” As we see through our limiting blocks, we become freer. One way to help us awaken is to place full focus and attention on whatever holds us back. Client Background Mike (name changed for confidentiality) came in with a “gripping, intense fear […]

Case 12: Two Past Lives that Helped Release Her Anxiety

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Client Background A woman (I’ll call her Beth) came in having struggled with anxiety her whole life. She had panic attacks, feelings of unworthiness, and low self-worth. She wanted to try past life regression to help deal with these feelings and negative beliefs. Past life regression connects you to your higher self which will in […]