New Perceptions

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This blog, this website is dedicated to growth, healing, evolvement and awakening to what we actually are, and to what life actually is. In my experience, to the degree that I continue to grow in a clearer understanding of myself and life, I become freer from my own self-imposed limitations and fears. Many times these subtle beliefs aren’t even conscious. Carl Jung said that healing occurs when that which is unconscious is brought into the light of consciousness. This is what must happen if we are to grow. We must first become aware of the emotional cause of any inward disharmonies before letting it go.

Contentment and compassion are some natural by-products as we grow in wisdom and self-realization. We become aware experientially that these qualities are at our core, sometimes lying dormant. As we become a clearer body/mind vessel, contentment and compassion tend to shine through us. Also, it becomes easier to be fully present in the here and now with whatever is before you.

We don’t necessarily pick and choose our passions, we just notice ourselves being drawn by them. About 14 years ago, I noticed that a passion for self-growth and self-realization began to slowly burn in me. As I followed this passion, I was led to some wonderful teachers and pioneers in the areas of healing and wisdom. I, in turn, feel driven to pass on what I’ve learned to others. An image dropped into my head recently of humanity being on a giant, terraced mountain, with everyone on various levels of the mountain, each individual climbing towards the goal of deep peace and happiness at the top. We help some people up, and then we turn around and get help from others to climb to the next step higher. In many ways, it’s what we’re all doing here on this planet…helping each other learn, grow and evolve, with life itself being our greatest teacher. And those that have reached the top have a jolting message to everyone: “Actually, you are already what you’re seeking. It’s a perception shift away.”

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