The Purpose of Relationships

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We wrongly assume that relationships are to “live happily ever after.” They actually serve a purpose for us: to raise our biggest issue, weakness, or area of improvement to the surface. Life is sort of designed that way…that which is our biggest hurdle or limitation will continually be raised to the surface for the purpose of being acknowledged, released and healed. When this happens, we can either dodge it and ignore it, and it might go away, but only for awhile. The same repeating issue will come up again in a fiercer way until you look at it and deal with the roots. That means to become awake to the subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back and cause you stress. When you become conscious of these old mind programs that govern your life, they lose their power and you become freer. Relationships then thrive.

The soul is mostly interested in growth. Growing = living from love instead of fear. It also means becoming more awake to who and what you really are…to what is really living this life. To the degree we awaken to our truer self is to the degree that we live without fears holding us back. Life becomes our canvas to create the painting of our life. Life was meant to be lived with joy, not dread. But if dread arises, that’s because it’s part of the design…go inside the dread, or the anger, or stuck feeling. Within it holds the keys to when it began, and what false beliefs hold it in place, and then what it needs from you to let it go and become free of it.

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