Healing Negative Emotions

The Spiritual Path of Healing Negative Emotions

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As we begin to grow, evolve and awaken to understanding ourselves and the world with more clarity, it becomes increasingly more difficult to repress negative emotions. It may not seem like it, but that’s a good thing. As we embark on the spiritual path, we become freer intellectually, however what we’ve avoided and haven’t faced in our lives often bubbles to the surface. This is because the shadow part of us also wants the light of our full consciousness so that it too can be liberated, thus no longer affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally. It wants to be free as well, just as the ‘most real and permanent’ part of us is already free. Anyone that has done a past life regression or an emotional healing session with me knows that they’re never separate from this liberated part of themselves. According to Buddha, it only gets covered up by the mind which is the source of all our suffering. During the process of this inner work, we “rise above” and become free of the mind’s subtle chatter, thus making it obvious that our past negative emotions which have not been met will keep us bound until we fully face them, usually beyond a level of simply acknowledging them intellectually.

How to discover that part which yearns to be liberated and free? Follow a nagging negative feeling or emotion. As you put the light of your fully focused consciousness on the anger, grief, fear, anxiety, depression, or any stuck feeling, you’ll find that the body is holding it someplace as a sensation. As you continue to feel this body sensation, the emotional roots of it become exposed so that it can be energetically liberated; ultimately serving as a portal to the deep peace within. As you move through the emotional layers you release them from your energy system.

The emotional healing sessions that I offer are not the only way to release the emotional past from your body/mind system. A new, enlightening documentary is now available which is very important for our time. It’s called E-Motion: Lose What Needs to be Lost to Find What Needs to be Found. It features several different practitioners, each with their own unique method to assist people in clearing negative emotions from the past. The documentary scientifically explains and clearly demonstrates how our unmet past affects us physically, mentally and emotionally; thereby creating the lens through which we view ourselves and the world, which in turn impacts what we draw to us through the law of attraction. It also provides many suggestions on ways to heal your unmet past that affects your present. To view a 4-minute preview of the video, here’s a link: e-motionthemovie.com. To view a 25-minute preview here’s another link. If you want to see the entire DVD for free, just let me know and I’ll be happy to let you borrow one of my copies.

In closing, here’s a quote by Rumi from the DVD: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

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