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Twenty years ago, I read a book which transformed my life called Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton. I was transfixed, and as I read it, I finally knew deep down what I was meant to do with my life, which was to get training by Michael Newton before he retired, and then do the work I am doing now and probably will be doing for the rest of my life. If you have or have not heard of Michael Newton, I am sharing a short article written by Peter Smith, President of The Newton Institute since 2009. It explains the background of Dr. Newton and his monumental book as well as recent developments that have arisen from his research that people familiar with Newton’s work may be very interested in. Please enjoy Peter’s words:

“In recent years there has been a surge of interest emerging in regard to our existence beyond this body. The eternal questions of “What really happens when we die?”, “Where do we go to?”, and “What is my purpose for this lifetime?”, have been permeating our awareness for too many generations to count. Recent best sellers by Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me (Hay House, 2012) and Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven (Pan McMillan, 2012) have documented stunning stories of surviving their respective near death experiences (NDEs), and returning to inspire others about the afterlife.

Interest in reincarnation has never been higher, in fact even as far back as 2001, a Morgan Gallup poll in the USA showed 45% of respondents either believed in past lives or were open to it. Past life regression offered by a well-qualified professional is also becoming more common in the resolution of trauma. New articles about scientific research and experimentation about consciousness surviving beyond death, abound. What was once seen as fantasy, can now be the focus of a PhD.

But wait…
There is a field of work that has remained somewhat hidden from the public eye, though is in the process of emerging further into mainstream awareness. It not only answers the questions stated above, but transcends past life regression, taking clients into the expanded state outside the body, without the complexities, trauma on family and friends and the medical expenses of an NDE!

In 1968 in Los Angeles California, Dr. Michael Newton made a startling discovery during a therapeutic session when addressing a women’s battle with depression. As he moved to the source of her distress under deep hypnosis, he reunited his client with her soul family in her existence between incarnations. The field of “Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy” was born.

Over the next 35 years and 7000 clients, Dr. Newton made incredible discoveries as he patiently and meticulously mapped this spiritual realm that exists beyond time and space as we know it. He helped clients to discover the deep connection of unconditional love offered by our spiritual guides who help us through our lifetimes. He reconnected clients with their soul group, with whom we reincarnate regularly as we learn and grow together. Clients were able to meet with their “council”, an advanced group of beings who help us debrief our last lifetime and plan the next, including the one we are in right now. Ultimately he has shown through his life’s work that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. When we know life from that perspective we are forever changed. His best selling books that document his findings and the stories of his clients, Journey of Souls (Llewellyn Publishing 1994) and Destiny of Souls (Llewellyn Publishing 2001) have changed the lives of many thousands and have been translated into forty different languages.

These deep and profound life changing sessions are roughly 4 hours duration and preparation is key. When Dr. Newton retired, he placed his legacy to humanity in the hands of a group of highly trained professionals and founded The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy. In 2009, Memories of the Afterlife was launched as a collective work from The Institute showcasing new stories from a global network of LBL Therapists, assembled by Dr. Newton himself. The life purpose of one man has now spread to many, who are now the custodians of his legacy. The Newton Institute has over 200 LBL Therapists, offering these profound experiences across 39 countries. While many draw on his work these days, this highly trained group are the only ones who carry his unique endorsement, earned through specific training, robust certification and a spiritual code of ethics. The first 7000 cases have now grown to a number over 30,000 as more people are inspired to rediscover their immortal identity to bring wisdom and inspiration to this lifetime.

Breaking News…
In late 2015, in response to global interest and demand for more inspiring case stories, TNI created Stories of the Afterlife. Through this online journal we are opening the doors to The Newton Institute to those who share our curiosity regarding existence beyond physical life. We have been gathering stories from around the globe across the 39 countries in which TNI members practice in order to foster individual spiritual development. The case stories that we highlight demonstrate how Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy offers transformational healing, awakening of our immortal identity and our connection to the greater Oneness.

You can find out more about our quarterly research journal, Stories of the Afterlife, so you too can be inspired by the things that inspire us, at www.NewtonInstitute.org. There you will find a link to the journal, including never before seen footage of Michael and the latest updates in this rapidly growing field of consciousness. We hope that through your own Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy session the truth and freedom of your own immortal identity unfolds. It is time for us to remember who we truly are.”

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