Q & A Interview with the Edge Magazine

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I was featured in the March 2018 edition of the Edge Magazine. I’d like to share it with you to give you some background about how I became interested in hypnotherapy. This interview shares details about my work and also who I am as a person.

The article also gives me a chance to highlight the Edge Magazine and the valuable role it has played in my life. It’s a metaphysical magazine that has helped me grow and evolve over the past 25 years. It offers consciousness-expanding interviews and articles of practitioners on the forefront of healing and spiritually awakening.

Please enjoy the Q & A interview here!


Uncovering the Source of a Mother’s Fear

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I’m sharing an example of a past life regression session because it demonstrates how this modality can be very healing on multiple levels. Past life regression often has a “trickle down” effect of alleviating all kinds of subtle fears, even ones that you cannot pinpoint and articulate because your Higher Self knows precisely what you need to grow and move forward more than your conscious mind does.

A young mother (I’ll call her Beth) came in for past life regression therapy to deal with anxiety, depression and some anger. When her 1½ year old son cried, especially at night, she would get chest tightening fears about being a bad mother and not doing a good job.

She regressed to a life as a male military officer who gave orders that resulted in the death of many soldiers. As a decorated officer, he visited the families of some men who had died in battle, and felt guilty and responsible for the grief and struggle that he caused in these fatherless homes. Here are Beth’s words from the session: “As I grow old I become mean and grumpy because I ruined so many people’s lives under my orders, and bitter because I had no choice. I don’t talk about it. I think a lot about Jesus and I hope I go to heaven. I didn’t treat my wife well until I started to die.”

The soul stayed around until after the funeral because it was only after death that he was finally able to take in the love that people had for him. Here are some of the reflections from the vantage point of the soul: “People are proud of those medals, but I had to do a lot of bad stuff to get them. I wanted to let them love me in that life, but I thought if they knew what I did, they wouldn’t have loved me. I can take in that love now and it feels so good. I can be at peace….Time to go….If I come back I want to make a happy home.”

In the soul realm, the soul apologized to the souls of the families who were affected by his orders. We can do this because everyone and everything is ultimately interconnected – especially where there are unresolved issues between beings. But as so often happens in that realm, a knowing response came back that apologies are unnecessary since everyone was blindly role-playing on earth, and everything ultimately turns out fine in the end. Human struggles become opportunities for soul growth. We then could easily release the unresolved thought-form energy of guilt, anger and fear from the heart that the military officer died with and thus got carried over into this incarnation, resulting in Beth’s chest-tightening fears when her baby cried. She then got back warm, bright love…the natural replacement. This resulted in a higher vibration, and then insights began to drop in: “I need to be with my son from love, not fear. It’s ok to have feelings and feel frustrated at times, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother. I know I’m a good mother. It’s safe to be myself and be the loving, great mother that I am.” We then let her body fully feel that truth at the cellular level which allowed it to sink deeper in her subconscious mind.

Six weeks later, Beth wrote this: “The session was a big help to me. I felt better right away regarding my son and his crying at night. As the weeks went by, I slowly started feeling less anxious on deeper levels. Not sure how to explain it, but it was just a sense that this life is just one life among many. I knew that before, but after the session for some reason it took a lot of the anxiety away from my everyday life.”

Sometimes we can understand things intellectually, but it doesn’t resonate until we really know it at a deeper “body” level. Beth believed intellectually that her present life as a mother was one of many lives, but towards the end of the session, she was able to feel and experience her “eternalness” while steeped in the freedom, peace and clarity of her soul self. The immortality of her true self “upgraded” from a belief to an inner knowing, thus integrating more deeply into the body/subconscious mind. Then she could more easily feel and live from the truth of her soul instead of conditioned fear-based beliefs.

The feelings of deep inner assurance are within all of us. In fact, we can’t escape them because they are an aspect of who and what we are as a soul, but they do get covered up in this human experience. What I’ve noticed over the years is that for some people, the wisdom and insights of the soul can easily sink in deeply after only one session, while others may need another “reinforcement” session or two, depending on their essence. Whether a person experiences a past life regression, a Life-Between-Lives or an Emotional Healing and Awakening session, each one or a combination of them will deepen and strengthen the integration of the soul’s perspective. This in turn can loosen and heal life-long mental and emotional patterns that hold one back in life and thus bolster one’s identity as a multi-dimensional being.

Healing the Sabotaging Beliefs of Unworthiness

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Nearly everyone feels confident at some times or in some areas of their life, while “not good enough” at other times. As the consciousness level of the planet rises, everyone’s “less than” programs are beginning to get triggered and surface because they don’t resonate to the high vibration frequency that is inherent to your true self. Freedom is an aspect of your true self, and freedom calls anything to the surface that is not free. If you follow the thread of almost any of our inner issues, complexes or fears to their root, they all boil down to some type of belief of unworthiness or “not good enough”. Most people are not even aware of these programs, yet they are built into the human experience.

When we incarnate on earth, we voluntarily cut ourselves off from our conscious connection to Source, to who and what we are as eternal light beings, and therefore become unconscious of our inherent value, power, sense of security and well being. In our early years, we are solely reliant on our caregivers for not only a feeling of safety and security, but also a sense of being loved, valued, cherished and “good enough”. But if our caregivers are living with a lot of their own unconscious unworthy programs, and thus dealing with issues from their own baggage, or else they are too busy to be fully present with us, we can feel neglected and rejected, and thus the seeds of unworthiness can sprout. Growing up in an environment in which we don’t feel safe or cherished can reinforce these feelings of “not good enough”. If you don’t get early emotional needs met, shame can develop. It’s as though an unconscious message becomes imprinted: “If I don’t feel secure or valued, I must not be worthy of it, something is wrong with me.” And shame really feels like it has something to do with you, like it’s part of you, like it defines you. It really feels true, but it isn’t.

Similarly, it seems true that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but it’s not. From a higher perspective, we see that the earth revolves around the sun and rotates, creating the appearance of the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. When it comes to beliefs of unworthiness and shame, we have to apply the wisdom of Albert Einstein: “you can’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem”, so we go to a higher level of consciousness. How? First, know that you can. Why can you? Because of the vast growing pile of evidence that suggests you are an eternal, indestructible soul being using this body for a human experience.

Science has not yet developed the tools to measure our soul or higher dimensions of course, so for evidence we go to the growing multitude of individual cases of near death experiences, out of body experiences, evidence-based mediums, or accurate recall of past lives through past life regression, like the fascinating, solid case of the skeptical Indianapolis police detective, Robert Snow. Or even better, the increasing number of children who remember verifiable past lives, some of whom can be viewed on youtube.com. Personally, when I first discovered the evidence of reincarnation, I took it as evidence that we were eternal beings, outside of time and space. This insight is a life-changing paradigm shift for some, and an invaluable one. If you are this indestructible being, you should be able to tune into this higher part of you, since we’re multi-dimensional. One way we can do this is by quieting the thinking mind and going within through deep meditation.

When I guide clients within to their higher self, they experience a part of themselves that has a built-in sense of security, well-being, wisdom and clarity. From this vantage point, it becomes very clear that shame has as much to do with you as an old shirt that your mother gave you when you were five. You are not born with shame, it fully comes from outside of you, from the subtle messages that you were given from caregivers and the challenging outside circumstances in your life. You are not those messages. You are far more than your programming and conditioning.

From this higher perspective we can more easily wash away the sticky identity of shame and begin instead to identify more with the truth of who and what we really are – the part of you than lives on, that you can never really escape from. The modern teacher of awakening consciousness, Adyashanti, says: “Enlightenment is really a radical shift in identity.” Although it should be pointed out that he took it a step further…since all souls come from the same one energy source, one’s highest identity is Oneness, which, as any sage will say, is really only realized in the fully awakened state in which you know in your heart and whole being that you are the Christ consciousness, or Oneness consciousness, even more than you know that you are your body.

However, for most of humanity, a valuable identity shift that we can make as individuals and as a society is to first see through any false, shame-based mind programs and freely live from our “more relatively true” authentic selves. Often it is helpful to use body-centered healing methods, such as the Present Life Emotional Healing session that I offer, to release past, outdated thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears that science has now discovered is stored in the body.

When we heal ourselves and begin to live more from our true, authentic, whole and complete nature, many subtle fears and false beliefs fall away: the fear of being judged, the need to be perfect, the guard around our heart that prevents us from fully loving and hurting, the fear of death, the false belief of “not good enough”, the fear of being unlovable, the fear of being wildly successful…and all the other mind programs that you are here as a soul to see through and no longer be unconsciously governed by. This is the most important work you can do…and when you do it, you’ll no longer be triggered by old emotional baggage so it’s easier to connect with loved ones and co-workers.

In short, we become a freer being, no longer governed by our unconscious false beliefs, or feeling a need to numb our misperceived shortcomings with processed food, chemicals or overworking. You become aware of the Truth that you are and always have been a magnificent, eternal free being that is based in love and joy! True healing is an identity shift and perception shift away. This perception shift is not easily done by the thinking mind, but can be done when you connect to your Higher Self by going within. From here, you know at the core of your being that the negative mind programs swimming in your head are not inherent to you, but totally come from people and circumstances outside of you, and thus the grip of these fears and false beliefs loosen so that you more easily experience and live from your true, whole, complete, loving, free Self! As the modern sage, Leonard Jacobson says, “We are all on the holy journey of becoming that which we already are.”

“Early Visitations to Earth by Superior Beings”

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I’m sharing an article by Micheal Newton that was published in Fate Magazine back in March of 2001. For those not familiar with Michael Newton, I would say that his book Journey of Souls has been one of the top influential books in my life. When I read it in 1996, I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life, and it propelled me into the work I do today. So I finished my masters degree, took hypnotherapy training, then past life regression training, and finally met my goal of getting trained in Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy with Michael Newton in 2004. Most importantly, along the way, I also met and trained with multitudes of other great practitioners from all over the world who shared their own unique hypnotherapy modalities of healing present and past life issues, most of which I draw on today.

I have met numerous people and clients who have shared that Newton’s book Journey of Souls has changed their lives. For some it provides a paradigm shift from most western thinking that finally makes sense to them: that there is more beneath the surface than we are consciously aware of…we are souls having a certain human experience for specific reasons and purposes that our soul is hoping to accomplish. When we begin to see life through this lens, it can take on a whole new meaning.

This article is different than Newton’s books which mostly focus on the spirit life between earth life incarnations. Instead, it documents recollections of off-world visitors about early times on our planet. It also cross validates research into ancient cultures regarding contact with other races who visited here. These cases are offered through the eyes of the visitors themselves. Please enjoy!


“Early Visitations to Earth by Superior Beings” by Micheal Newton

In my hypnotherapy practice as a Spiritual regressionist, I take ordinary people back to their life between lives where they remember an existence as spiritual beings. My clients are also able to recall their experiences in many physical bodies in former lives on Earth. Some even report living on other worlds before they began their reincarnations on Earth. My two books, Journey of Souls (1994) and Destiny of Souls (2000) are primarily devoted to case studies of our soul life in the spirit world. While I have referenced selected cases of clients who have been on other worlds, I have not written about the memories a few clients have of visiting Earth long ago in alien bodies from a superior culture.

The reason I have avoided these particular stories is that I consider such accounts by certain hypnosis subjects to be anomalies. Traveling within a spacecraft around our physical universe is not part of the usual past life memories most people have. This is especially true of former visits to Earth. Frankly, only one person out of hundreds in my practice reposts to me that they once visited Earth in an alien spacecraft. This is too small a sample for comparable verification.

Normally, when I lecture about events which have happened to people in former existences, there have to be two factors present: The reports must consistent and they must come from a high volume of clients.. Because these criteria do not exist regarding early alien visitations to Earth by some clients, I have given only one lecture about this subject to the public. This was requested of me at the 9th International UFO Congress in Nevada last year. Even though I believe my information about alien visits to Earth to be incomplete, it was nonetheless well received by this audience of UFO enthusiasts. Thus, I felt the few reports I have from people in deep hypnosis who remembered visiting Earth from another planet early in our history would be of interest to the readers of FATE magazine.

A Sighting

My reluctance to speak out about this subject does not stem from denying the existence of UFOs. As an amateur astronomer, I am especially aware that our universe has over 100 billion galaxies, each of which has billions of stars. If less than one percent of all these suns had intelligent life on planets orbiting around them, these worlds would number in the millions. Indeed, my feelings about the existence of highly intelligent life on other worlds were validated by my own experience on October 16, 1973, during a week of major UFO sightings around the country. On that date, around 10 pm, I stood with a group of people in Thousand Oaks, California, and saw a UFO traveling perhaps 1.500 miles per hour toward us from the east, some 500 feet off the ground. As it approached, I could see a dotted line of orange lights midway up an oval disk. After the UFO soundlessly passed us, it made a right-angle turn straight up without slowing down. There was a greenish glow from the craft before it disappeared out of sight. An airline pilot standing near me remarked, “We don’t make anything like that.”

Part of what I presented to the UFO Congress were quotes from cases involving two types of visitations to Earth:

A Brief Visit
(Over 200,000 years ago)

“My home world was in a star system called Suran, which is not in this [our own] galaxy. We were looking for a place to leave our seed and found Earth very beautiful. Earth was unique in its beauty and potential for evolution. The people here were… so primitive… sub-human… like animals… yet not so. Our mission was to blend our energy with the local inhabitants to raise their awareness. It was not intended that we would star and colonize as a separate race. It was not pleasant to mate with these primitives but we felt it was our duty to raise their consciousness. We were tall and very thin while they were very short with heavy density. I must tell you, as one of the females, I could not bring myself to mate with Earth males but some of my sisters di so as did some of our men. I am ashamed to tell you I would not allow myself to be touched by Earth people even though I was taught to respect all forms of life. I preferred just the teaching. These people of Earth had no meaningful language and built no structures of consequence in the early time. Yet, they were strong and not afraid of us. We were a curiosity to them. We helped them for a while and then left for good. Eventually, I asked my spiritual masters to allow me to finish my incarnations on Earth as a human some 5,000 years ago.”

Full Colonization
(Around 150,000 years ago)

I come from a star system called Pladia [in our galaxy]. It was a planet slightly larger than Earth with a similar atmosphere and topography except our ocean only covered 40 percent of my home world. We could breathe Earth’s air easily and that’s why a group of us stayed. Our planet was overpopulated. After almost a year our starship left and did not return. We did not mate with the primitives here at first but later our colonists got lazy and began losing the technology we had brought. Eventually, we assimilated with the local inhabitants. I mated with a goat herder and it was disgusting for me but necessary because we didn’t want the vestiges of our race to die out after contact with our home world was lost.”

At the UFO conference I also cited a third case of a client who reported witnessing a UFO exploration team when we reviewed his past life in Egypt around 2500 B.C. Here is an excerpt from that case: “I was a high priest and these people came in a huge silver ship. They had prominent foreheads, large eyes and were short in stature. They showed little emotion and were peaceful towards us. It was the time when we began to build pyramids and they helped us because they were great architects. Because their ship frightened us, they soon took it away and we could see their coming and going only as bright lights in the sky. After about a year they left and no one saw them again.”

Of course these reports, and others I have seen over the years, might indicate that the human genetic makeup has a variety of origins as opposed to a single evolutionary precursor. In fact, archaeologists have recently found both moderns and primitive human skulls who existed simultaneously. Even so, the traditional scientific community would deny the early co-existence of any other intelligent race with the natives of Earth.

Descriptions of Other Worlds

Another intriguing aspect of these infrequent reports about Earthly visitations is the information from those clients who are able to remember something about their home world locations. The universe is vast, but I always probe for descriptions which might include relevant constellations in our night sky. On those occasions when a subject speaks of a past life in a highly technological alien culture, they are rarely reported to be in our galaxy. But there are exceptions.

I have records of a few instances where, under post-hypnotic suggestion, clients will point to stars in the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) group. The seven-star group is not just a chance astronomical alignment of unrelated stars. A number of them average 80 light years from our sun. The client in the third case sited above told me: “During the building of the pyramids, my ship came from a star in the handle of the Big Dipper.” Some years after this case, I saw a newspaper article from a Cambridge University Egyptologist who said that the precise north-south alignment of the Great Pyramid at Giza was not based on Polaris, the north start today, but rather on Mizar in the Big Dipper’s handle, which was used “like a plumbline” for measurements around 2500 B.C.

Another client, who reported being a space visitor during this same early Egyptian period, told me she came from a system in the Big Dipper by the name of “Helis,” which was the way I spelled the word during our session. Later, after studying on of my celestial references, I was astonished to find that Mirak in Ursa Major was known to the ancient world as Helice. In other historical volumes, I discovered that the Egyptians of later dynasties as well as the early Europeans called the Big Dipper region “the place of the chariots.”

In my work with souls I have never seen evidence of any form of transmigration from lower forms of animal or plant life into a human form. When souls in human bodies describe incarnations in other physical worlds, these planets all appear to have similar classifications of highly intelligent beings. If the reports I have cited above really do have a basis in truth, apparently it was known by older cultures in our universe that Earth had the potential for a superior form of life.    ☆

Michael Newton, Ph.D., held a doctorate in counseling, was a state-certified Master Hypnotherapist in California, and was a member of the American Counseling Association. Dr. Newton passed away in 2016.

A Time of Shifting Paradigms

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It’s pretty obvious these days that we are living in a time of shifting paradigms…in technology, health and spirituality, among others. It goes along with the raising of the consciousness level of this planet. Regarding technology, I recently came across an interesting article about how our lives will dramatically change in 20 years, according to Udo Gollub, CEO of 17 Minute Languages. I won’t go into specifics here, but if you’re interested in that article, here’s the link.

When it comes to health and disease, Anthony William presents another major paradigm shift. He is the author of Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, as well as two more recent books. William says that ever since the age of four, he has had a high level spirit with him explaining the true cause of people’s specific illnesses and diseases, and how they can heal with specific foods, supplements and lifestyle changes. As the number of people that he helped grew into the thousands, people started listening to what he had to say about the history, politics and physiology behind nearly all diseases and ailments.  His message is both complex and simple. It’s simple in that he explains that 98% of all cancers and diseases stem from the combination of a virus and certain toxins in the body ranging from metals, DDT or even repressed emotions. For each illness, he shares specific foods and environmental factors that greatly strengthen the viral and toxic load in the body that causes each particular disease in the body, as well as specific foods and supplements that can greatly reduce it, thus helping to heal a condition.

My personal experience with Anthony William caused me to take him seriously. Five years ago, I was quite sick as I first discovered that my thyroid blood levels were way off the chart. I got relief when the doctor put me on thyroid medications. She said I would need to take them for the rest of my life. However, being holistic minded, I was curious about the conditions that caused my thyroid to not function properly in the first place. Thus began my holistic health journey. My health improved when I went to some alternative holistic health practitioners, but not to the point where I could get off my thyroid meds. A year and a half ago I came across Anthony William’s explanations behind thyroid issues, fatigue and digestive troubles. They made sense to me, so I began following his healing protocol. The results have been that I’ve been off my thyroid meds for a year and I have much more energy than I’ve had for the past 20 years. Meanwhile, my wife has had similar results, finally healing her old chronic conditions that nothing else seemed to fully help. I realize that not everyone will resonate with what he has to say about health and disease in society today, especially since he claims that medical science will only discover and prove this information in about 25-30 years from now. But to give you a chance to see whether or not you resonate with what he has to say, I’m posting one of his articles that was published in Goop, an online health and lifestyle website. You can read his article here.

In any case, as Bob Dylan sings, “These times, they are a-changing!”

You Are Love

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This human experience is all about voluntarily being asleep and trying to live a life from the handicap of seemingly being cut off from Source and from our true authentic selves. When the time is right for you as a soul, you begin the spiritual process of awakening to who and what you truly are. Life then begins to make more sense, and subtle anxieties tend to fall away as you realize that earth life is more of a role play for us to experience ourselves in. I love Thich Nhat Hanh’s quote, “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” A few weeks ago, I posted a blog by one of my favorite teachers of awakening, Adyashanti. I’m going to follow along that same line and share some brief words by another one of my favorite awakened sages who now resides in the Twin Cities area, Leonard Jacobson. Please enjoy his words of truth:
“When you are present, you are love, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You radiate love in the same way that a candle flame radiates light and it has nothing to do with who or what you love. Humanity has become hopelessly lost in love. We lose ourselves in the object of our love and in the process, we lose ourselves. We disconnect from the source of the love, which exists at the very center of our Being. Then we feel a certain kind of emptiness, because we have moved away from the center. We are afraid of the emptiness, and so we relentlessly pursue love outside of ourselves. We want to be loved. We fall in love. We lose ourselves in the object of the love, which takes us further from the center. Eventually, we become so lost in the pursuit of love and all the hope, pain, fear and attachments associated with it, that we can no longer be present. And if we cannot be present, we cannot find our way back to the source of the love, which is at the very center within us.

The truth is that if you love anyone or anything, it simply means that you are love. The one you are loving in the moment might be lovable, but the source of the love is always within you. If another loves you, do not take it too personally. It simply means that the other is love. If I am present and I am love, and you are present and you are love, then why do I need you to love me? Why do you need me to love you? The truth is that we do not need to be loved, for if we are present, we are love. So let us hold hands, and gaze together upon this wondrous world with love.

Love everything. Love the dogs. Love the children. Love the trees. Love your wife or husband. But remember it is because you are love.”

The Awakened Way

Reading Time: 5 minutes

This earth life offers each of us precise opportunities to grow and evolve to our next level. It is happening whether we are awake to it or not. All the while, there is one master soul lesson, and that is to awaken to our truest and highest nature. One can find many people who are awakening these days if you look for them (hint: check out www.batgap.com). It reminds me of a quote by one enlightened woman, Neelam: “First things first…first awaken to who and what you are, then see if your problems still make any sense.”  Awakening is simply realizing and identifying with the part of you that never comes and goes, that’s always here and now, no matter what spiritual dimension you are on or physical life you are in. One of my favorite teachers of awakening, Adyashanti, says that this realization begins first in the head, then drops into the heart, and finally the gut and you fully know it because you are it. I am sharing with you an answer that was posed to Adyashanti about awakening. Please enjoy reading his response:

What is it like to live an awakened life?

“While the world is trying to solve its problems and everyone around you is engaged in the same, you’re not. While everybody around you is trying to figure it out, trying to arrive, trying to “get there,” trying to be worthy, you’re not. While everyone thinks that awakening is a grand, noble, halo-enshrouded thing, for you it’s not. While everybody is running from this life right now, in this moment, to try to get there, you’re not. Where everybody has an argument with somebody else, mostly everybody else, starting with themselves, you don’t. Where everybody is so sure that happiness will come when something is different than it is now, you know that it won’t. When everybody else is looking to achieve the perfect state and hold on to it, you’re not.

When everybody around you has a whole host of ideas and beliefs about a whole variety of things, you don’t. Everyone on the path is getting there; you haven’t gotten anywhere. Everyone is climbing the mountain; you’re selling hiking boots and picks at the foot in the hope that if they climb it and come back down, they may be too exhausted to do it again. When everybody else is looking to the next book, to the next teacher, to the next guru to be told what’s real, to be given the secret key to an awakened life, you’re not. You don’t have a key because there’s not a lock to put it in.

When you’re living what you are in an awakened way, being simply what you’ve always been, you’re actually very simple. You basically sit around wondering what all the fuss is about.

When everyone is sitting around saying, “I hope that happens to me,” you remember when you did that. You remember that you didn’t find a solution to that. You remember that the whole idea that there was a problem created all of that.

When you’re being what you are, when you’re living the awakened life, there’s nobody to forgive, because there’s no resentment held, no matter what.

The truth of your being doesn’t crave happiness; it could actually care less. It doesn’t crave love, not because you are so full of love, but because it just doesn’t crave love. It’s very simple. It doesn’t seek to be known, regarded highly, or understood. When you’re living what you are in an awakened way, there’s no ideal for you anymore. You’ve stepped off the entire cycle of suffering, of becoming; you’re not interested.

It’s a curious life you find yourself in. You find yourself… where you are. Not where I am, where you are. Where you really are. Where we really are. It’s a curious place to be (especially in the beginning) not to be driven by anything—pleasure or displeasure, helping or hurting, loving or hating. The only thing that will move you (and I don’t mean to be too poetic about this) is the same thing that moves a leaf hanging from a tree. It’s simply because the breeze blows that way. So you always know what to do: The breeze blows that way, and that’s the way you go. You don’t ask questions anymore. You don’t evaluate why the breeze is blowing that way because you know that you don’t know why. And you know you can’t know why. There’s never been a leaf anywhere that knows why the wind blows that way on that day at that moment. That breeze changes the orientation of your life, moment to moment to moment, simply because that’s the way life’s moving. And when you’re living in your awakened self you have no argument with the way it’s moving because it is the same as you are.

And you know that the breeze was always there, from the very beginning, and that it wasn’t reserved for special people. If you didn’t notice it at some point in your life, you know it was because you weren’t listening, or because you thought you had to figure something out before you could listen, or because you thought there had to be some conclusion before you could just listen so deeply, so without agenda, so without hope of a better future that you would feel the movement.

Many of you know what I’m speaking of.

Truth never explains why it’s moving that way at that moment. And if you ask, it won’t give any information. It would be like a leaf asking the wind, “Why are you moving that way right now?” The question doesn’t make any sense to the wind.

But your argument with the way the truth would move—whatever that way is—is no longer there for you. You’re no longer arguing with it. You’re no longer trying to figure it out. Mother Mary didn’t figure it out. Buddha didn’t figure it out. Ramana didn’t figure it out. None of them figured it out. They just became That. Simple. Ordinary—in the same way a leaf is ordinary.

When you’re living in your awakened being and living in an awakened way, power on any level is not an issue for you. It’s not interesting. The power to control another human being is not interesting. Intellectual power is not interesting. The power to control yourself is not interesting. The power that people want to give you is not interesting to you—not because it shouldn’t be; it’s just not. What would you want to do with it? You see that there’s nothing you want to do with it.

You realize, in the truth of your being, that you are the totality itself, but you have no interest whatsoever in doing anything with that knowledge, with using that knowledge.

Finally, you realize that you really don’t want to change anybody, not because you shouldn’t want to change them, because you just don’t. You might not want to be around everyone, but still you don’t want to change them.

None of this is an ideal—it’s the end of ideals. None of this is holiness; it’s the end of holiness. It’s the beginning of wholeness. None of this is something to achieve, because it’s not achievable. It’s simply what is in the truth of your being. It’s just what is. You can’t attain what’s naturally so. And nobody anywhere can ever tell you when or why, or to what degree you’ll let go of untruth; you will let go when you let go, usually when nothing else works.

When you’re living in the awakened way, in the awakened being that you are, you’re alone, and you’re finally comfortable with it. You’re alone, but you’re not lonely at all, because the only one who was ever supposed to meet you where you are—the only one who ever could meet you where you are one hundred percent—was you. Nobody else could ever fully meet you where you are—maybe ninety percent, maybe ninety-five. Nobody can meet you fully but you. When you finally do, then you don’t need anybody else to do it for you. Then you’re alone, more alone than you could ever imagine. And strangely—very strangely—you are more connected, more intimate, more at one with everything. More. And you would have never thought that those two could in any way be together: total aloneness and total oneness. You would have never guessed that that’s the way it would end up. But it does, and it always has.

And finally, when you’re just living in the awakened way that you really are, you’ll never form an image again of what it’s like. Even as it’s happening, you won’t form an image because you’ll know they’re all images, dust. The way it was yesterday won’t be the way it is today.”

Dangers of Holding in Your Emotions

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A light bulb went off in my client’s head one day. He said, “Wow! I thought we were supposed to get through life by avoiding our issues and negative stuff, but you’re telling me the point of life is to face it, deal with it, heal it and let it go!” I was proud that he got that. In past generations, life was more about survival, so healing past emotional turmoil was lower on the scale of hierarchical needs. But when you have the luxury to live in a time and place where basic needs are met, then we can focus on further enhancing our quality of life. Releasing and nullifying whatever it is that triggers us and causes ourselves and others emotional grief is one way to grow and evolve, because beneath our triggers is a repressed and limiting thought, feeling and belief all rolled into one knot of trapped energy in your body/mind system. The natural impulse of avoiding it unfortunately locks it into place, but placing your full attention on it can release it. Modern day sage Leonard Jacobson says, “We escape emotional pain by going into our heads/minds. This is harmful. The #1 cause of unconsciousness is that we are trying to escape emotional pain. Feel it! And your health will improve.”

It is for this reason that I created the Emotional Healing and Awakening session. It’s a process that combines several effective techniques to help a person heal and release unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs from the past that they are holding in their body/mind system.

I was pleased to come across a well-researched article by Tabby Biddle called Dangers of Holding in Your Emotions, so I’m happy to share it with you here. Please enjoy!


“Most of us have heard of the term “emotional baggage,” and admittedly carry some around. We spend our time keeping busy with work, friends, socializing, cleaning, daily tasks, shopping–anything to avoid having to face or feel our emotions that we are carrying around from past painful experiences or traumas. The problem with this, according to mind/body medical experts, is that repressed feelings don’t just go away. They actually remain in the body, taking up our energy and laying the groundwork for physical ailments, illnesses and disease.

“Many illnesses are quite simply the end result of emotions that have been stuffed, unacknowledged, and not experienced for years,” says Christiane Northrup, specialist in women’s health and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. “Unexpressed emotions tend to ‘stay’ in the body like small ticking time bombs,” she says. “They are illnesses in incubation.”

According to experts in mind/body medicine, our emotions have a profound effect on us because they are physically linked to our bodies via our immune, endocrine, and central nervous systems. These experts agree that often the seeds for a patient’s physical problems were planted by the patient’s earlier emotional traumas.

According to Northrup, millions of women suffer from chronic pelvic pain, vaginitisovarian cysts, genital warts, endometriosis, and cervical dysplasia, which are conditions that are the language through which women’s bodies speak to them.

Edward T. Creagan, MD, an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic, says that in dealing with the emotions of grief, if you don’tface your grief, your wounds may never go away. “Unresolved grief can surface years later as headaches, relationship issues, intestinal problems, mental health difficulties, eating disorders, chemical dependency or other issues,” he says.

Additionally, holding in emotions can weaken your body’s immune system, making you more likely to get colds and other infections, as well as lead to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

The danger, experts agree, is that when we delay acknowledging our emotions, this can lead our body to speak louder and louder to get our attention.

The following are some of the more common physical ailments and illnesses and that have been linked to holding in emotions:

Headaches Diarrhea Depression
Stomach Aches / Ulcers Low Back Pain Insomnia & Fatigue
Anxiety Weight Gain or Loss General Aches & Pains
Rheumatoid Arthritis Fibromyalgia Cancers
Constipation Asthma High Blood Pressure


Healing Through Feeling Emotions

When we don’t allow ourselves to feel our emotions, and instead run away from them or use other processes, such as drugs, to get a “high,” we create a dangerous situation for our mental, emotional and physical health.


Healing can occur when we allow ourselves to feel, express and release emotions from the past that we have suppressed. The following are some helpful tips to help you address, express and improve your emotional health.


Tips to Improve Your Emotional Health


Cry. The next time you feel moved to tears, stop and let yourself experience it.


Laugh. The next time you feel moved to laughter, allow yourself to laugh.


Speak. If you feel angry or upset with someone, speak with them about it. Sometimes just saying, “I feel angry,” feeling it in your body, and then explaining why you are angry, can be the key to cleansing out the anger.


Make sounds. You can do this in your car, in your home, or in your office. Take a deep breath, and as you are exhaling, allow whatever sounds you feel to come out. Repeat this up to ten times. Sound has a powerful ability to release emotional energy. Try a longer session, combined with stretching exercises, to release some of the longer held, stagnated emotions.


Pay attention to physical clues. This could include an uneasy feeling in your stomach, a tightening of your chest or throat, or a clenching of your jaw. Your body might be hinting at emotions that you are trying to stuff. Pay attention to what the emotions might be, acknowledge them and breathe deeply. Tuning in to how you feel in your body can be the key to your healing.


Practice Yoga. Yoga is probably one of the best activities you can do to tune into your body, mind and emotions.  It is a holistic health practice. The postures will allow you to feel where you may be storing suppressed emotion, and the deep breathing will allow you to move the energy and express it in a healthy way.


Get a Massage. Massage is another powerful way to tune into where you may be storing emotion in your body. By breathing deeply while the massage therapist works on different parts of your body, you can safely and effectively release long-held emotion.


Talk to someone you trust. By confiding in a trusted friend or a trained therapist, you can explore your feelings more deeply and improve your self-understanding and self-acceptance, which is a key to good health.


When we acknowledge and allow ourselves to express our emotions in a healthy way, our self-understanding and acceptance improves, our body and mind feel cleansed, and we feel freer, happier, and most definitely, healthier.”



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Past Life Regression: An Effective Tool to Expand Consciousness

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A few months ago, the Edge Magazine was looking for articles on the topic “Expanding Consciousness.” I immediately began writing about past life regression, almost as if I had no choice, because what many people don’t realize is that past life regression is a process that does exactly that…it automatically brings you to a higher level of awareness. This happens towards the end of the session when you are resting in the higher dimension of the soul level, and tuning into a higher aspect of yourself. I’m sharing that article here. Please enjoy!

How can you effortlessly get to a level of awareness that makes your everyday waking consciousness, the one you’re at right now as you read this, feel like you are asleep? You may want to explore taking a trip deep within your own multi-dimensional self.

Past life regression offers a systematic way to do this, thus enabling you to experience what it’s like to live from a higher level of consciousness. Let me share several reasons why it is an effective technique.

First, during the step-by-step method of the regression process itself, one’s continual stream of mind chatter becomes increasingly quiet, revealing the pure presence that lies beneath it. This awareness forms the backdrop to the logical, analytical mind.

Secondly, images of another life will begin to appear independent of the conscious mind. In fact, these impressions cannot appear if you are in “thinking mode,” only when you are anchored in the present moment, or in “feeling mode.”

This reveals a third aspect to past life regression: At this point in the process, you have set aside the body/mind identity of your present self and now take on a different body/mind personality. Regardless of whether these images are interpreted as a historical past life or a symbolic metaphor, the past life story that comes through you is from your higher mind, and it is precisely designed to help you move forward, heal and grow in some way.

The reason for this can be best summed up by the words of one of my client’s guides: “Just as the body’s instinct is to breathe, the soul’s instinct is to evolve.” Past life regression often shines a spotlight on any unconscious thoughts, emotional patterns or beliefs that unknowingly hold you back in life, and then allows you to experience what it will be like to be completely free of any programming or conditioning that limits you. It may also show you the source of a physical, mental or emotional ailment so you can release it from your body/mind system. Ultimately, it reveals to you what you most need in order to thrive in this life.

Here are some case examples: A client’s chronic migraine headaches disappeared after discovering and healing the source of them from a past life when she experienced the early years of electric shock therapy. Another client felt a huge weight of unresolved grief and sadness lift after discovering and healing a past life where she committed suicide. She had carried over the heavy feelings and beliefs of hopelessness that she died with over to this life, and it explained why her twin sister in this life had none of these same feelings.

Another woman came to a session feeling stuck and anxious around new relationships. Rather than seeing a challenging life, she saw herself as a servant who lived completely from her heart. She had such a strong, conscious connection to “God” in that life that even an abusive employer was humbled and shifted by her loving presence. She merged the energies of the past life with her present one and she later revealed that she was able to maintain a stronger awareness of her connection to Source and, thus, a higher level of consciousness after the session, with greatly diminished anxiety.

Past life regressions ultimately enable you to tune into your soul self. After the past life is over, clients are guided to move up into a higher dimension in which they “disidentify” from both their past and present lives, and view these lives from the expanded awareness of their higher self, free of all ego identifications. When ego identification is seen through and set aside, a natural love-based clarity and wisdom reveals itself to be who and what you really are.

One of my favorite quotes of Paramahansa Yogananda is, “When you heal yourself, you do your part in healing the world.” I’m beginning to really understand what he means. We, as humans, are interconnected like a gigantic tapestry. As our consciousness raises, our unresolved past may surface for the purpose of being healed. When we heal, we are no longer negatively triggered by others outside of us, and they, in turn, are no longer triggered by us. The ripple effect that emanates from us is harmonious and love-based, and that impacts those around us far more than we could ever know.

We have so much more of an effect on this world that we are aware of. So here’s to raising our consciousness!

Each Person’s Uniquely Tailored Path of Growth and Awakening

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ever notice how you read a book that subtly yet profoundly changes your life perspective in a positive way, and then when you enthusiastically share it with others, some may love it while others either don’t care or have a negative response to the book? I remember that happened to me 20 years ago after reading Conversations With God, Book 1 by Neile Donald Walsch. Some of my friends loved it, while others brushed it aside, one friend even saying, “that author is a liar, how could he talk with God?” It didn’t matter when I explained that he could interpret it as fiction if he wanted, it was profoundly insightful either way.

As I reflect back now, that was a great lesson in how each person’s life path is unique. In one way, we’re all on a similar path in that we’re all here to grow, evolve and awaken to our true, higher self which is steeped in the wisdom of interconnected Oneness which carries an automatic love, appreciation and compassion for all unique expressions of the same One life. Yet we’re all at different stages of this journey. Many of us are at the part where we are learning soul lessons as a means of moving forward. Sometimes these lessons involve overcoming adversity to uncover a dormant strength and gift within. Each person’s life/soul path is uniquely tailor fit for themselves. An example of this is with my wife, Maggie. In many ways we are like the same person with the same values, priorities and directions in life, both of us into growing, evolving and awakening. Yet for the most part, we each have our own unique books or teachings that really inspire us and open us up. While she may be more into nutrition as a path of growth, I’m into spiritual books.

That brings me to two books I’ve read recently that have been shifting and inspiring to me. They were each written by Jurgen Ziewe. Multi-Dimensional Man and Vistas of Infinity: How to Enjoy Life When You are Dead. I first heard of Jurgen Ziewe through an interview he did on Batgap.com, a website that solely contains interviews with people that have had spiritual awakening experiences. Although I’m interested mainly in the awakening aspect of what these people say, Jurgen was unique in that he shared his experiences of nearly 400 out-of-body travels where he visited countless dimensions of life after earth life in full waking consciousness, usually with a higher level of clarity than even our physical life, interviewing the souls of those in other non-physical dimensions to gather information about the afterlife…a topic which has always fascinated me. Jurgen offers a similar, yet in many ways a unique perspective about the afterlife than anything I’ve ever read before.

Some of my very brief takeaways from his books are: 1) the widely varied dimensions and environments that we can go to after death…each one perfectly suited for our own growth and development. 2) Since there is no disease, dying or need for money, we usually spend our time dealing with our own limiting beliefs or allowing our creative interests and passions to be expressed. 3) Our mindset helps to determine our environment after we die. It’s like the law of attraction where we can attract different people and situations that mirror our inner vibration, only on a much more immediate and obvious level. A simple example might be flowers that wilt to match a downcast mood, or brighten to match an elevated mood, or strengthen to match an empowered mood. 4) Most of the sharing of his experiences he precludes by stressing the difficulty in trying to put language to what has no language…experiencing an object with all the senses simultaneously, or being in an environment where you experience a dozen different and new senses than what we are accustomed to on earth.

Jurgen shares some of his observations of the afterlife: “Where we are now, emotionally and spiritually, can determine where we spend the next part of our infinite future. What’s in our subconscious becomes our new external reality when we die. Problems, if not dealt with in this present physical life, will influence the quality of our afterlife, because in our afterlife our unconscious can manifest our external environment.” He shares his discussion with his departed brother-in-law, who was skeptical about the afterlife while on earth, in which he says: “I didn’t imagine it would be so brutally real, not airy-fairy.”

Jurgen shares the best way to prepare for afterlife: “Practice living from our inner stillness, which is here and now in our present. This becomes our instant link to our infinite source. Live a life where each moment counts, being mindful and aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, informed by kindness and a loving heart.” He says you can easily enhance your environment in the afterlife by shifting to a perspective of gratitude, compassion and love. I’ll conclude with some of Jurgen’s thoughts: “Mankind’s core beauty often gets overlooked by the negative aspects, given exposure in the media. Our shadows are brought on by ignorance, struggle and extreme hardship. Beyond them we can see we’re imbued with radiant inner beauty. What a great privilege to have been chosen to live life as a human being. You are infinite!”